Impacts of COVID-19 on Your ERP System Moving Forward

As the world begins to enter into the New Now, adaptions to make work possible across industries could be here to stay in the long run. In this blog, we’ll go over some of the COVID-19 work practices we expect to see stick around in the future.

Remote Workers

One of the biggest immediate shifts to keep businesses functioning on a day-to-day business was the move to remote working. Nowadays, any location in the world can be an office, and employees are becoming empowered to work from home.

Having a mobile ERP platform will allow you to move forward with the new normal of more employees that are capable of working from home. They are designed to be flexible with evolving business needs.

New Cybersecurity Practices

The nature of remote working will force your business to re-evaluate your cybersecurity practices when it comes to accessing your ERP. These are steps that you should be taking anyway, but the current COVID-19 pandemic will force your hand.

Ensure that anyone who accesses your network outside of your secure building is doing so on a password-protected internet connection. You will also want to deploy a VPN or web portal that allows staff members to access the ERP securely.

For manufacturers in the aerospace and defense industry, these changes are becoming necessary to continue working with the Department of Defense, due to new CMMC requirements.

More Dashboard Usage for Reporting

With more employees being spread around remote locations, analytics and reporting processes may be interrupted. Intuitive data analytics tools can streamline remote reporting.

Epicor’s Data Analytics Tool can be customized to create dashboards to keep track crucial things like supply chain effectiveness or purchase suggestions. These dashboards will make reporting easier and more visible in general, especially in the current COVID-19 landscape.

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