ERP Managed Hosting Services

Managed hosting services for ERP can be an especially valuable addition to your business. It’s a foundational need for manufacturers, machine shops, and many other companies in today’s digitally-driven business environment.

Hosting is a complex and highly technical process. It’s outside of the core expertise of most businesses.

That makes finding an effective, reliable, and supportive managed hosting provider crucial. Your company needs to know it can count on the consistent delivery of service. At the same time, your business deserves responsive, timely support if issues arise.

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Cre8tive Managed Hosting Services with Application Support

Businesses turn to professional providers of ERP managed hosting services for the administration, problem-solving, and maintenance of the Epicor environment. Cre8tive Technology and Design is your go-to solution for ERP service management hosting.

Focus on your business while we take care of the rest. That’s the foundational benefit of managed hosting, and something from which just about every business can benefit.

Our programs are designed to adapt with your growth and evolution, keeping your platform flexible to meet your needs. That’s something only the very best managed hosting providers can offer and, much more importantly, deliver.

Cre8tive Managed Hosting Services with Application Support

We don't stop at IT managed hosting services. By combining managed services and hosting, we provide complete customer support that other hosting companies may not.

The Cre8tive team provides an entire suite of application support mechanisms through our premier Managed Epicor Solution Program. You will have access to a team of experts who can offer informed, effective guidance. Their efforts reach across Epicor ERP and Kinetic system support, training, and more.

Leverage ERP Service Management for Your Epicor Infrastructure

Our Managed hosting duties extend across every part of your business. That means we’re positioned to protect the integrity of your platform and your production.

ERP managed services can also be deployed within numerous types of environments:

  • All in One: Epicor ERP system infrastructure is deployed into the Microsoft Azure Datacenter, along with the entire server infrastructure
  • Hybrid: Servers are included within the Datacenter and are tied back to your domain
  • Stand Alone: Servers within the Datacenter act like infrastructure as a service (IAAS) & software as a service (SAAS)

Cre8tive's expert Epicor consultants will support you in the most effective way possible. They understand how to coordinate any of the capabilities within our comprehensive suite of ERP managed hosting services.

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Focus on Your Business with IT Managed Hosting Services from Cre8tive

Save your time and money by enlisting our services for your ERP managed hosting. Cre8tive’s IT Managed Hosting services directly benefit you:

  • Minimize your hardware maintenance/upgrade costs with our monthly fee
  • Solutions tailored to your organization’s requirements and budget
  • Reduce the workload on your IT staff and costs
  • Professionals diligently watch for traffic spikes and maintain your Epicor environment

Choose a Trusted Provider of Epicor ERP IT Infrastructure Support

Cre8tive is your professional ERP managed services partner. We’re staffed with Epicor technicians who have 8-plus years of experience and 4 expert SQL technicians.

We have a deep and broad understanding of and experience with the three things most critical to your business:

  1. Your industry: Manufacturing, with wide-ranging expertise but especially for aerospace and defense (A&D)
  2. Your operational needs: Gaining more insight into operations and making more effective decisions
  3. Your critical digital platforms and solutions: We help businesses like yours implement and get the most out of their ERP solutions, every day

We support your ERP IT infrastructure from a comprehensive perspective. Our ability to design, implement, and maintain full release and change management within the Epicor environment is the key difference.

Our teams can also work with third-party vendors on issues such as:

  • Use case and integration
  • Administering security roles
  • Maintaining SQL connectivity with security

Put the focus back on your business. Put your trust in a company with a long and successful record of supporting its partners. Our programs and services provide flexibility as you adapt.

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