Product Lifecycle Management (PLM)

Cre8tive Technology & Design can help you automate and digitize your product lifecycle from design to cash. Take control of the product management lifecycle with a purpose-built solution. Make the choice that gives your business-critical control, insight, and context into each and every product.

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When it comes to manufacturing product lifecycle management, mid-sized and upper-mid-sized manufacturers already have processes in place. However, many of these processes are still manual. That means time and effort wasted as compared to a digital solution.

A PLM platform provides a simple digital platform for managing CAD data, engineering production, and technical document management capabilities. A single source of accurate and current information makes effective oversight that much easier.

With PLM, you can:

  • Scale and automate product lifecycle processes
  • Tie task management to your product data
  • Retrieve data and documents that are relevant to a process or project from a sole source

Take advantage of product lifecycle management software to create better workflows and keep all stakeholders informed. Cre8tive Technology and Design can supply the tools, expertise, and guidance you need. Put your business in a position to make a successful transition to a digital PLM solution.

We’re here to help. Get in touch to learn more about transforming your business with manufacturing-focused product lifecycle management tools.

Collaborate Effectively With Product Lifecycle Management Systems

Effective collaboration is crucial for product success, no matter what your business produces or the customers it works with. PLM (product lifecycle management) systems make all relevant product information available to all stakeholders.

Coordinate the way you plan, control, and manage your product data and documents in a single digital system. Maximize the efficiency of your projects by eliminating manual processes.

Make the most of product development and the entire product lifecycle with a PLM system that’s tailored to your needs.

Product Lifecycle Management
Product Lifecycle Management

Digital PLM: A Transformative Solution

Digital PLM is an integrative discipline that covers the entire product lifecycle, from rough design to production, commissioning, and operational monitoring. It’s a pathway to 360-degree oversight that ultimately delivers better results to your customers and your own company.

The digital thread connects ongoing operations with development. This allows you to easily analyze items and parts. That leads to more informed and results-oriented decisions about your products and their entire lifecycles.

Bi-Directional Integration with ERP

A digitally connected organization is a successful organization. Empower your operational strategy with systems that share information between each other and across your company.

What happens when your business doesn’t have PLM software in place alongside its ERP solution?

Without PLM

  • Engineers type information from Excel into ERP, instead of doing their actual engineering tasks. This is time consuming and expensive
  • It’s far easier for staff to produce human errors during typing
  • Engineers use purchase parts in their design that are not in stock or no longer available from supplier
  • Procurement purchases based on outdated drawings, costing your business time and money
  • Production planning works with the wrong version of documents, delaying the production
  • Support does not have access to the latest specs and manuals, which affects the response time and satisfaction of your customers
  • Multiple suppliers: one supplier for ERP (EPICOR), another supplier for PLM, another supplier for ERP integration, document management, archiving, and process automation

With PLM

What benefits does a holistic solution combining PLM and ERP offer? There are a wide variety of benefits, including but not limited to:

  • Transferring BOM and Purchase Part information easily. That includes Status, Quantity on Stock, Price, etc. This becomes a fast and automatic process, running in the background
  • Reducing the potential for human errors
  • Purchasing and the shop floor no longer have to search for R&D information (access to most recent data — i.e. finding drawings without leaving the ERP environment)
  • Engineering won’´t use undeliverable or obsolete parts (because they have live access to quantity on stock and pricing for purchase parts)
  • Just one single and reliable point of contact: ERP and PDM Integration from one supplier
  • Streamline the PLM process: Never work with wrong or outdated data and documents again
  • Minimize the variety of parts in ERP by conveniently accessing the data mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers can all benefit
  • No more outdated specifications in your ERP system
  • All Departments will save time when searching for documents. They can put that extra time toward critical tasks instead, focusing on value-creating work

Partner with Cre8tive Technology and Design or all of Your PLM and ERP Needs

Learning about the requirements, objectives, and roadblocks of your operations and industry is crucial. It’s the catalyst for every conversation we will have during the PLM integration process.

Share your expectations, goals, and timelines with us. We will collaboratively plan with you and your team will have access to an integration partner every step of the way.

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