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Cre8tive Technology & Design can help you automate and digitize your product lifecycle from design to cash. Take control of the product management lifecycle with a pre-configured solution. 

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Core Functionality of Turnkey PLM

  • Pre-configured Platform: Turnkey PLM comes fully pre-configured, ready to use out of the box, optimizing setup time and minimizing initial customization needs.
  • Comprehensive Document Management: Manage documents effectively with revision control, secure storage, and robust linking capabilities across the product data structure.
  • Integrated Part and BoM Management: Features a powerful BoM editor and parts management system that auto-generates and manages Bill of Materials (BoM) from design data, enhancing traceability and accuracy.
  • Seamless CAD and MS Office Integration: Direct integrations with major CAD systems and Microsoft Office improve workflow efficiency by automating data capture and document generation.
  • ERP Connectivity: Provides bi-directional data synchronization with ERP systems, facilitating the seamless transfer of information across platforms​​.

Benefits of Turnkey PLM

Enhanced Collaboration: Integrates various tools and platforms into a single system, enabling teams to work more cohesively and access information easily.

Improved Data Accuracy and Control: Automatic data capture and synchronization reduce errors and provide a single source of truth for all product-related information.

Faster Time to Market: Accelerates product development cycles through streamlined workflows and quicker access to essential data.

Scalability and Flexibility: Adapts to the growing needs of businesses with scalable features and optional modules that can be added as required​​.

Rapid Deployment: With a pre-configured system, Turnkey PLM can be implemented quickly, typically going live within 12 weeks, reducing downtime and accelerating the realization of benefits​​

Structured Training and Support: Comprehensive training sessions and ongoing support ensure that users maximize the platform’s capabilities and adapt quickly to the system.

Continuous Improvement and Customization: Post-implementation, Cre8tive offers ongoing support and development to continuously enhance the system’s functionality and align it with the client’s evolving business needs​​.

Proven Methodology: Based on best practices developed over decades, Cre8tive’s methodology ensures a smooth, reliable implementation process that has been refined through extensive experience in the field​​.

Partner with Cre8tive Technology and Design or all of Your PLM and ERP Needs

Learning about the requirements, objectives, and roadblocks of your operations and industry is crucial. It’s the catalyst for every conversation we will have during the PLM integration process.

Share your expectations, goals, and timelines with us. We will collaboratively plan with you and your team will have access to an integration partner every step of the way.

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