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QBuild Links CAD information with ERP Systems

ERP and CAD integration: It’s a simple concept that can streamline complex modern manufacturing workflows. What can a single source of truth across both key systems do? Save time, reduce the potential for human error, and maintain the consistency and accuracy of drawings.

QBuild software seamlessly integrates CAD and ERP systems, which enhances engineering productivity and provides reliable consistency between CAD and ERP software. It removes the barriers between CAD and ERP for more connected and efficient design, engineering, and manufacturing operations.

QBuild’s CADLink for Epicor eliminates redundant engineering entries by linking CAD information with the ERP system. In addition, BOM (bill of material) accuracy is greatly improved and the time involved in product changes is significantly reduced.

Why CAD Integration in ERP Matters for Your Business

CAD software is crucial for precise, efficient, and quality-focused product, part, and component design. ERP platforms play a foundational role in transforming those designs into physical inventory and delivering it to customers.

To put it simply, there’s no benefit to keeping these two systems siloed and separate from each other. Without CAD-ERP integration, engineers will spend a significant amount of time transferring and re-entering information. There are more opportunities for human error and inconsistencies between drawings and related data between the two systems.

How can QBuild’s CADLink for Epicor solution help your business? It starts with these two key functionalities:

  • Item master management. Designers can modify foundational data (i.e. part number, type, description) through an interface form. Saving the changes synchronizes and updates data in both your ERP system and CAD model.
  • Bill of material management. Bill of material information is synced between ERP and CAD systems. Updating the BOM through the CADLink interface means your ERP is also updated with the same changes.

With optional tools for managing routing information and effectivity dates, CADLink helps your company create a complete information ecosystem. You can eliminate time-consuming manual data entry and greatly reduce the potential for errors and discrepancies with data integration. Realize more accurate, leaner, and overall better production processes with CADLink.

The QBuild CAD-ERP Integration Process

QBuild’s specialized solutions help manufacturers address this complex inefficiency in a straightforward and successful way. Don’t fall into the trap of internally engineering a solution. Count on the expert support and results of a proven solution. Give more time to the core needs of your business.

Let the experts at Cre8tive Technology & Design show you how the integration of QBuild and the Epicor ERP solution can increase productivity, lower costs and optimize your business process flow. We’re here to help your company take the next step forward confidently, with both process and results as top priorities.

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