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Cre8tive Technology and Design serves manufacturers in a wide variety of industries with a customized ERP for manufacturing solutions. Utilizing the Epicor ERP platform, we increase your efficiency and productivity to help you overcome unique business challenges.

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Grow from the Inside Out with Cre8tive's ERP Solution for Epicor Manufacturing

General manufacturing companies have an extensive set of requirements to meet, both within their own business structures and the larger industries they serve. Strong ERP solutions for manufacturing that are optimized through a holistic approach make it possible to grow individually and collectively.

We integrate the latest technology with manufacturing ERP software that can solve even your most complex challenges, including:

  • Maximizing operational efficiencies and margins.
  • Establishing industry leadership.
  • Necessary integration with existing systems and resources.

Cre8tive provides you with the best ERP for manufacturing on the market. We believe in Epicor manufacturing software, and have the ability to customize this solution to scale your operations and objectives. Whether your shop needs the Epicor manufacturing express edition, or the full Epicor manufacturing execution system, we can help you find the solution that’s best for you.

What Is ERP Used For In Manufacturing?

Epicor’s manufacturing ERP software allows our clients to

Accelerate business growth

  • Improve their productivity and efficiency with solutions built for manufacturing.
  • Be more competitive by innovating with the latest technology like Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and machine learning.
  • Attract a technology-inspired workforce.

Streamline operations

  • Increase uptime with real-time visibility into production.
  • Predict equipment failures and identify preventative maintenance needs.
  • Tightly control inventory and optimize how your warehouse operates.

Increase revenue and profits

  • Anticipate demands and match to your production capacity.
  • Attract and retain customers by delivering high-quality products on time, every time.
  • Improve your bottom line with cost management and more financial control.

With this powerful manufacturing ERP, you can improve every aspect of your operation, including:

  • Quality control and management
  • Supply chain management
  • Inventory management
  • Maintenance and asset management
  • Product traceability and genealogy
  • Advanced analytics and reporting

Professional Manufacturing ERP Software with Expert Implementation

Our implementation of Epicor ERP into your business suite will set you up for success with first-class manufacturing ERP software. You receive a comprehensive platform and expert services.

Top manufacturers, including emerging enterprises and global operations alike, use this modernized manufacturing ERP system to:

  • Receive a 360-degree view of business operations.
  • Reduce labor costs and set-up expenses
  • Minimize spreadsheets and trim document management through better IT infrastructure
  • Decrease administrative overhead costs.

With award-winning, certified industry experts guiding your implementation, there's no limit to what Cre8tive can do for your business through the power of Epicor ERP.

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The Best Epicor ERP Manufacturing Software to Meet Manufacturing Requirements

We ensure Epicor manufacturing ERP works to meet your unique business needs with solutions that enhance productivity and improve return on investment (ROI), such as:

  • Improved planning & scheduling procedures.
  • Increased on-time deliveries.
  • Refined customer service capabilities.
  • Ensured completion of compliance regulations.
  • Better management of materials and inventory.

Learn more about how this sophisticated manufacturing ERP software is designed to handle even the most stringent complexities. You will quickly understand why Epicor is the most common ERP system used in manufacturing

Partner with Cre8tive for General Manufacturing ERP Integration

With specialty experience as a premier leader in Epicor ERP manufacturing integration, we work with you to configure and create the platform to scale your business. Through proven practices and a national presence, we are trusted by our partners to fulfill a multitude of needs. Do you need only the Epicor manufacturing accounting software? Do you need an operational transformation to meet your objectives?

Talk with us about your needs, existing challenges, and expectations for the present and future. We will create a strategy and provide you with a solution that can help you reach your short and long-term goals.


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