Cre8tive Turnkey ERP Solution

Cre8tive Technology & Design has optimized the Kinetic ERP system from Epicor for ease of use without sacrificing features or functionality. We have developed a turnkey manufacturing solution for the unique challenges that machine shops face.

Discover an ERP system that’s effective for all types of manufacturing services. Count on a solution that can be up and running in as few as two months. Turnkey technologies can help you transform your business.

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Cre8tive Turnkey Technology Solutions: Effective ERP for Machine Shops

Epicor Kinetic is a proven solution with over 10,000 customers. Cre8tive Technology & Design has developed a turnkey ERP solution from Epicor Kinetic along with a team including:

  • Machine shop owners
  • Technologists
  • Financial Experts

By working closely with all of these stakeholders, we’ve built a turnkey ERP solution that can effectively address your needs. At the same time, our turnkey computer solution offers the adaptability needed to support many design and manufacturing processes.

No matter the specific types of work your machine shop completes, you can depend on our turnkey ERP solution.

We’ve also removed the complexities and timeframe of implementing an ERP solution. How? By providing industry best practices for your organization to have a solid foundation for immediate impact and future growth.

Our turnkey solution isn’t only reliable and effective software. It’s a roadmap to a more efficient and competitive organization.

Benefits of Our Turnkey ERP Solution

  • Go Live in 8-12 Weeks
  • Fixed Cost
  • Optimized Solution for Machine Shops
  • Aerospace and Defense (CMMC) ready
  • Key Management KPI, Reports/Dashboard & Operational Training
  • Satisfy High Growth Business Models
  • Enterprise Application Support and Help Desk
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We partner with machine shops to help them find resolutions to their unique operational and industry challenges. By engineering solutions specifically for machine shops, we deliver.

Our implementation approach for our Turnkey ERP Solution is pre-configured. We base the workflow on proven business processes. That empowers you to improve overall business success with minimal consulting, all in a defined timeline.

Partner with Creative for all of Your ERP and Technology Needs

Learning about the requirements, objectives, and roadblocks of your operations and industry is our top goal. It’s the catalyst for every conversation we will have during the ERP integration process.

Share your expectations, goals, and timelines with us. We will collaboratively plan with you and your team will have access to an integration partner every step of the way. Our turnkey engineered solution for your ERP needs includes dedicated support.

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