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Cre8tive Technology & Design has the expertise and experience needed to help solve the unique challenges that Machine Shops face. Learn how our Turnkey ERP Solution can support your growth.

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Machine Shop ERP Technology

Successful machine shops strive to create consistency and sustainability throughout their business models. When inventory shortages, shop floor errors and supply fluctuations plague manufacturers, production slows, meaning time and revenue are lost. In addition, mistakes and miscalculations in the estimating process can reap havoc on company margins.

Cre8tive Technology & Design helps machine shops implement a Turnkey enterprise resource planning (ERP) Solution to dissolve these issues. Additionally, a highly-functional ERP for machine shops can streamline processes from planning to final product creation and delivery to the customer.

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Cre8tive Turnkey ERP Solution for Machine Shops

Epicor Kinetic is a proven solution with over 10,000 customers. Cre8tive Technology & Design has developed a Turnkey ERP Solution from Epicor Kinetic by a team of Machine Shop Owners, Technologists and Financial Experts.

We removed the complexities and timeframe of implementing an ERP solution by providing industry best practices for your organization to have a solid foundation for immediate impact and future growth.

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Benefits of Our Turnkey ERP Solution

  • Go Live in 8-12 Weeks
  • Fixed Cost
  • Optimized Solution for Machine Shops
  • Aerospace and Defense (CMMC) ready
  • Key Management KPI, Reports/Dashboard & Operational Training
  • Satisfy High Growth Business Models
  • Enterprise Application Support and Help Desk

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Learning about the requirements, objectives, and roadblocks of your operations and industry is the catalyst for every conversation we will have during the ERP integration process. Share your expectations, goals, and timelines with us. We will collaboratively plan with you and your team will have access to an integration partner every step of the way.


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