The Importance & Usefulness of Dashboards within an ERP System

In today’s fast moving business world, it can be easy to lose focus on day-to-day performance. Dashboards within your ERP platform can be helpful in countering this, while providing numerous benefits when it comes to accountability and reporting.

In this blog, we’ll go over a few reasons why you should be utilizing dashboards more in your daily process.

Easy to Interpret

Dashboards are inherently visual data representations, making them easy to interpret in a short amount of time. Various charts, graphs, and tables present data in a way that can show how far ahead (or behind) you are on key performance indicators (KPIs).

Data from a dashboard can help you make more informed business decisions, thanks to real-time information that is presented in an easily digestible format. Not only will you make better decisions, but you can make them more efficiently.

Streamlining Project Management with Epicor ERP Dashboards

Effective project management is a cornerstone of successful business operations. With Epicor ERP dashboards, project managers gain high-level visibility and can track the progress of ongoing projects in real time. Using ERP dashboard examples as a starting point, Epicor's web apps allow for customization and design that cater to the specific KPIs of any project.

A project manager can oversee timelines, budget usage, resource allocation, and more, all updated dynamically as changes occur. This instant snapshot provided by ERP system dashboards not only streamlines project management but also enhances team member collaboration. Everyone is aligned and informed on project status, contributing positively to the bottom line.

More Accountability Across the Entire Company

One of the biggest advantages of utilizing data dashboards is that they benefit everyone across the company and centralize company goals. Dashboards are a shared space where anyone from the shop floor to the corner office can see real-time status on KPIs.

Role-based dashboards can be customized to keep track of certain KPIs that may end up on a larger company dashboard. C-suite executives may have a dashboard that presents revenue and expenses, while manufacturing employees have a dashboard that has information about raw material supply.

Integrating Business Functions with ERP KPI Dashboard Design

An ERP dashboard is not just about presenting data; it’s about integrating various business functions into a coherent, interactive platform. Epicor ERP dashboard templates offer a variety of design options that encompass all aspects of business processes, from customer service to supply chain management.

By implementing an ERP KPI dashboard, each team member—from sales to customer service—can monitor and analyze the specific metrics that matter most to their function. This holistic integration ensures that everyone in the organization is working from the same set of data, enabling better coordination and improved efficiency across all business functions.

Dashboards Make Reporting Simple

Reporting on a weekly or even daily basis can be a time-consuming process if done manually. Dashboards in ERP systems make creating KPI reports easy and painless. Daily status reports are as simple as grabbing some key KPIs that are available at a glance. The visual nature and real-time data that comes from ERP software dashboards make presenting reports to superiors within the company, or to clients, simple.

Enhancing Customer Service with Real-Time ERP Dashboards

In today's competitive business environment, exceptional customer service is a key differentiator. ERP dashboards are instrumental in providing the customer service team with real-time updates about client interactions, order status, and service issues. Epicor ERP, known for its robust ERP implementations, includes dashboards that can be tailored to display critical customer service KPIs at a glance.

By leveraging ERP dashboard design, customer service representatives can respond to inquiries and resolve issues more quickly and effectively, ensuring a higher level of customer satisfaction. These dashboards are not just informative; they're actionable. They allow team members to make immediate decisions that can positively impact the company's bottom line.

Cre8tive Technology & Design can Create Tailored ERP Dashboards

If you’re looking to centralize your data into digestible Epicor dashboards, the experts at Cre8tive Technology & Design can help.

Contact us today to learn more about enhancing your Epicor platform or building a new one for your business.

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