Benefits of Having a Mobile ERP System

Nowadays, we get everything done on the go. Everyone has a camera in their pocket in the form of a smartphone, and tablets have the computing power of the desktop computers of yesteryear. The same is true for how we complete business in 2020 – access everywhere is key. Therefore, employing a mobile ERP system may be the best business decision this year.

In this blog, we’ll go over some of the key advantages of having a mobile ERP system.

Flexibility to Work Anywhere

One of the best benefits of having a mobile ERP is the ability to access data anywhere with an internet connection. Important data is accessible if working from home, at the airport on a business trip, or at another company office.

Productivity from employees gets a boost as well due to this flexibility, as work can be done anywhere.

Benefits of the Cloud

In order to have a mobile ERP platform, you would have to employ a cloud-based solution. This bring its own set of benefits outside of being able to work from multiple locations. Cloud-based data storage brings an extra level of security.

The system protects critical data with encryption to prevent a breach, but it also protected from power outages or natural disasters. And because the system constantly syncs your data, the data is up-to-date.

Improved Data Entry

Data input with mobile-friendly, cloud-based ERP solutions simplifies data entry. Data that needs to be entered off-premise can be done so with ease, and in real-time. Gone are the days that require information to be re-entered into other back-end systems – an integrated ERP system will ensure all data is accessible and accurate.

Having all of your company’s important data in one application also makes searching for a specific data-set simple and streamlined.

Smoother Workflows throughout the Company

Being in a mobile-friendly ERP software system will improve workflows across your company. Crucial data is visible in multiple areas, keeping employees on the same page. It also makes regular tasks more efficient.

For example, executives that have approval power can make those decisions on-the-go because they have mobile access. A traditional ERP system would require the executive or manager to return to their office, which could slow a project down by days or even weeks.

Mobile ERP systems also provide an easier way to communicate with customers and suppliers

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