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Partnering for Success with CTND & Epicor ERP


Collins Aerospace is a leader in the aviation, spacecraft and transportation industry. The company specializes in the manufacturing, design and technical support of a vast variety of extremely sophisticated components and systems for civilian and military aircraft, helicopters, spacecraft, space stations, as well as other modes of transportation, including rail and shipping.


Collins Aerospace was in need to consolidate ERP systems for seven of their internal business units, as nearly all of them were running on different ERP platforms. One of the business divisions was already utilizing EPICOR ERP and Collins was pleased with how the solution was working for them. A decision was made to covert the other business verticals to EPICOR ERP. As they undertook this ambitious project, Collins knew that they would need a highly experienced and capable ERP integration partner to lead them through the process.


Collins Aerospace chose Cre8tive Technology & Design to implement the EPICOR ERP system into the targeted business units. Cre8tive is a Platinum EPICOR partner and has extensive experience in creating tailor fit solutions for customers, specifically designed to meet the unique needs of the aerospace industry.

After completing a comprehensive needs analysis, Cre8tive Technology & Design led the initiative to integrate Collins’ various business sectors onto the EPICOR ERP platform, one at a time. Today, Collins’ data is being managed and hosted on Cre8tive Technology & Design’s private servers. Cre8tive  Technology & Design is able to create custom dashboard tools and metrics reporting that help Collins successfully manage their operations, which regularly involve strict compliance with governmental and military regulations and protocols.

With the implementation of the EPICOR ERP solution, the collaboration capabilities among the various Collins team has been greatly enhanced. The staff can now share and update documents, all in real time. The automatic data back up technology ensures that information is always safe and readily available. In addition, Collins’ employees can securely access the data they need from any device.

Collaborating with Cre8tive Technology & Design to implement the EPICOR ERP product has brought some distinctive advantages to Collins Aerospace.

Collins has no need to invest in any server technology, as this is being managed and supplied by Cre8tive Technology & Design. In addition, Cre8tive Technology & Design’s data bandwidth is highly scalable, as Collins’ needs evolve and grow. Cre8tive Technology & Design also utilizes cutting edge encryption technology to ensure the safety and confidentiality of data. The EPICOR ERP includes a “strong password” protocol, with lockouts and no activity account terminations.

Partnering with EPICOR ERP and Cre8tive Technology & Design as a highly capable and experienced integration partner has been an ideal solution for Collins’ various business units. Cre8tive Technology & Design has helped the company maximize the capabilities of the EPICOR ERP by designing custom made strategies that address Collins’ exact needs.

The EPICOR ERP has had a substantial impact on the organization’s ability to integrate the many departments and operational systems of each business division. Of the seven divisions that were planned to go onto EPICOR ERP, five are up and running and the remaining two are in process.

“The EPICOR ERP system was the ideal cloud based system for Collins Aerospace. CTND’s extensive experience has played a pivotal role in taking the capabilities of the EPICOR product and creating tailor fit solutions for our complex and unique needs” – Mike Mastergeorge, Collins Aerospace 


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