Valcor Engineering Corp: Leveraging New Information with a Comprehensive Business Solution


The world-class engineers, designers, and support technicians at Valcor Engineering Corporation create fluid control components, motion control components, and related systems for many of the world’s most demanding, cutting-edge industries. For more than 70 years, Valcor has manufactured solutions for:

  • Missiles and Space applications
  • Aircraft and Motion Control
  • Nuclear Energy and Radioisotope applications
  • Scientific and Industrial fields
  • Military Land Vehicles
  • Other global innovations

Partners rely on them to facilitate precise specifications for the creation, testing, and delivery of quality components and systems, from initial concept to production, and beyond. Valcor also proudly offers custom solutions, model-based system engineering, and personalized customer support.


Valcor had the unique challenge of merging two business units into one, and had been using a perpetual system that didn’t have the proper capabilities to manage inventory with proper traceability – a critical component of their business model. Due to the substantial amount of inventory the company manages, they found that their internal system provided quantity but not value. Also lacking was the strong ability to report direct labor, and they were additionally without a project costing system. Finally, Valcor did not have the visibility that was necessary across their organization, as they rely heavily on shift dates and due dates to support customers. The company desired a platform that could make data visible for scheduling – a process that previously required a meeting instead of a simple login.


Valcor departed on a year-long search for a solution to improve data and processes, which included hiring a consultant and evaluating three vendors. They partnered with Cre8tive Technology & Design to implement the powerful Epicor ERP solution, due to their expertise assisting leadership in the manufacturing and aerospace industries. The highly experienced professionals at Cre8tive were on-site at Valcor to define requirements, bring in subject matter experts, and ensure additional resources were available to create a seamless transition. Cre8tive also provided personalized support through a workshop and formal demo process to implement the unified platform in a way that met Valcor’s unique needs.

With Cre8tive’s guidance, Valcor has integrated Epicor ERP within their business practices, resulting in increased efficiencies via a modern platform that allows them to implement more data than ever before. They now receive more detailed billing materials and have better control over all cost movements, financials, and inventory. Stronger scheduling capabilities also help Valcor better meet customer delivery dates. Additionally, they are able to build upon key performance indicators (KPIs) through the Epicor ERP intelligent dashboard. Cre8tive has continued to serve as a viable partner so Valcor can utilize a wide variety of critical metrics and reach new achievements. They will also continue to work with their client to build unique dashboards for specific roles within the organization.


“Epicor ERP has been a great fit for our business and Cre8tive Technology & Design exceeded our expectations by providing a professional level of service to help us upgrade our processes. We now have the tools to better serve our customers, thanks to a modern platform that can help us manage our data, operations, and so much more.”

- Theresa Conway, Executive Vice President, Valcor Engineering Corporation

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