Using ERP to Protect From a Cyberattack

Cyberattacks and hacking attempts are more commonplace in 2019. This is especially true as modern ERP software becomes further implemented into every aspect of businesses. Last summer, the U.S. Department of Homeland Security released an alert that malicious attacks targeting ERP applications are on the rise. One successful attack could cripple your company. Now more than ever it is important to learn how to protect from a cyberattack.

So how do you use your ERP system to protect from a cyberattack? There are a number of features of your ERP system you can utilize to actually protect your data, or steps you and your staff can take to ensure your data is protected.

Ensure that Software Updates are Installed Properly

Perhaps the simplest and easiest way to protect your ERP platform from a cyberattack is to install software updates when they become available.

Software vendors know about any possible vulnerabilities in their product before anyone else would. They will take care of these issues as soon as they can, and push it out to their users.

If you employ a cloud-based ERP system, vendors can automatically push security updates, safeguarding your company’s most sensitive data and documents.

Limit the Potential for Human Error

No matter how much trust you have in your employees, human error is a factor that can expose you to a potential attack.

When it comes to guarding your ERP system from human error, consider the following:

  • Regularly have staff change passwords, especially if they have higher level access within your company
  • Restrict access to parts of your ERP suite to those that only need it
  • Conduct training activities annually for employees who have ERP access

Maintain Industry Compliance

If you are a manufacturing company, chances are, you already have a lot of certifications and compliance standards to ensure you encrypt and protect your clients’ sensitive information. Your ERP system should have compliance standards that require you to take extra security precaution.

Cre8tive Technology & Design is compliant with many manufacturing regulations, so we are able to make sure your company is able to comply when implementing an ERP platform.

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