Understanding ITAR Compliance and Tech

As an aerospace and defense supplier, you know that compliance with various regulations are paramount when it comes to staying successful and in business. Remaining registered by the Directorate of Defense Trade Controls and compliant is extremely important though. Failure to do so could result in expensive penalties, or even time in prison. This blog will go over the basics of ITAR, and what you need to do to become compliant.

What is ITAR Compliance?

The acronym ITAR stands for International Traffic in Arms Regulations. ITAR is a set of control regulations pertaining to the export and import of defense articles, services and technology. Defense articles could be something like military firearms, to night vision technology, or even space technology. These items are all listed on the United States Munitions List, or USML.

The goal of ITAR is to make sure that proprietary technology or equipment belonging to the U.S. Military does not make its way into the hands of a foreign national for security reasons. Generally speaking, only U.S. citizens are allowed to work on or access items on the USML, but there are some exemptions. People that have been found guilty of violating ITAR and sharing military technology with foreign countries have been sentenced to lengthy periods in federal prison.

What are the steps to become ITAR compliant?

Companies can reach ITAR compliance by registering with the State Department’s Directorate of Defense Trade Controls. After that, make sure your company is compliant with ITAR’s rules and license products you plan to export. With ITAR compliance like a DCAA audit or AS9100 certification, you essentially just have to follow import and export law.

An ERP system like Epicor will help your business have the organization required to comply with trade law when it comes to licensing products and record keeping. It will also ensure you have procedures in place to maintain ITAR compliance.

How can Cre8tive Technology help with ITAR compliance?

Cre8tive Technology and Design itself is ITAR compliant, so we know what it takes to make sure your company follows International Traffic in Arms Regulations as well. Our team of experts will be happy to help you with an ERP solution that keeps your ITAR compliant. Contact one of our knowledgeable experts today.