System Tracking Customization Using Sales Kits

  • 30 October 2012
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Sales Kits can be used to designate a system in the field, so the components shipped as a kit can be tracked with details. This is useful primarily when a full service contract is not needed, or if service at the customer site is not performed. Parts for replacement are returned using standard RMA processing, or the entire kit is returned and refurbished, then sent out again.

Screen examples:


Figure 1 – Kits That Require Tracking Are Identified In a User Code


Figure 2 – Standard Sales Order Entry Process for Kit Parts Is Used


Figure 3 – Customer Shipment Entry with System Value Entry

Customer Shipment Entry is where the refurbished System ID, or a new system ID (can be generated from a mask) would be entered.



Figure 4 – Currently Requires a Quantity of 1, but the System Can Divide by Quantity Per Parent


Figure 5 – Lot and Serial Numbers are Fully Supported

The need to assign lot and serial numbers is the root of requiring a quantity of 1, in this application. If components are not lot and/or serial tracked, quantities greater than 1 are acceptable.



Figure 6 – Upon Marking the Shipment as “Shipped”, the Components are Assigned to the System ID in a User Defined Table


Figure 7 – A System Maintenance Form Allows Details to be Assigned or Updated

Adjustments to the shipped system can be made, or details/attributes specific to the kit (parent) can be assigned. A component upload tab allows a System (parent) to be created manually, and a list of components added via paste from Excel.

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