Customization & Integration Experts 

We know that every business is unique, so its specific ERP solution should be as well. Our customization services focus on developing perfectly aligned solutions for your company’s specific industry application and challenges.

If your organization’s business operation systems are home grown or won’t fit into any “out of the box” ERP solutions, the highly knowledgeable professionals at Cre8tive Technology & Design specialize in custom development of modules, applications and integrations across best in class technologies.

Through our collaborative development strategies, let us help you greatly increase efficiency, productivity and profitability by linking your existing systems to a powerful ERP product for seamless interoperability.   

  • Applied Composites Engineering, Inc.
  • Baskins Machined Products LLC
  • Burrana
  • California Closet Company, Inc.
  • Carlisle Fluid Technologies, Inc.
  • Central States Industrial
  • Cognito Motorsports
  • Collins Aerospace
  • IMCO Carbide Tool Inc.
  • Klinge Corporation
  • Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc.
  • Melton Machine & Control Co
  • NGD Systems, Inc.
  • OpenGear, Inc.
  • Optivus Proton Therapy, Inc.
  • Positronic Industries, Inc.
  • SeAH Steel USA, LLC
  • Valcor Engineering Corp
  • Wolf Robotics, LLC
  • Zepher
  • Wayne Trail Technologies, Inc.
  • California Cedar Products Company