Preparing for Digital Disruption in the Aerospace & Defense Industry

The aerospace & defense industry is being inundated by digital disruption and the need for digital transformation has never been as important as it is now. Digital transformation is a fundamental rethinking of how companies use technology, people, and processes to change business performance and deliver value to their customers. Key technologies like IoT, machine learning, and AI can improve operations and maximize efficiency.

A&D companies that have accepted the need for digital transformation have differentiated themselves by creating new opportunities and approaches that drive growth and deliver greater profitability. Incorporating digital solutions that successfully manage disruptive technologies in the aerospace & defense industry is a must for any organization that wants to thrive in today’s competitive market.

How Cre8tive Can Help with Your Digital Transformation

As a certified ERP implementation partner of Epicor Kinetic for A&D, Cre8tive Technology & Design has over 15 years of successful experience helping aerospace & defense companies increase operational efficiencies and drive business growth. As a premier Epicor Platinum Partner and the preferred team for A&D companies, our customers get more than a simple installation of the ERP, they get continual support to make sure this best-in-class digital solution is maximized.

Every successful A&D ERP project we undertake begins with listening to the specific requirements, opportunities, and challenges each client presents. Together, we define the approach that supports decision-making on a progressive and transparent path to achieve your goals.

Epicor’s ERP solution takes advantage of disruptive technologies like IoT, machine learning, and AI to help A&D companies establish data integrity and maintain a cohesive data flow between all of your business processes, including:

  • Contract Mgt.
  • Procurement and Supply Chain Operations
  • Complex Manufacturing, IoT, and Quality
  • Project Mgt. and Work Breakdown Structures
  • Financial Controls
  • Risk Management and Compliance
  • Project-based EVM (Manufacturing with Earned Value)

At Cre8tive, our dedication to innovation and successful ERP implementation assists companies in the A&D industry to meet the challenges that come with digital disruption to upgrade processes, meet all ongoing compliance requirements, and increase productivity.

Partner with Us

Your Trusted Tool for Managing Disruptive Technologies

A&D companies can embrace disruptive technologies with the power of a quality, end-to-end, tailored ERP solution. This will help aerospace & defense companies improve operations and efficiency, control costs, and deliver value to their clients. A&D companies can better manage digital disruption with a quality ERP solution that creates value for all by automating workstreams, enhancing efficiency, and maintaining compliance. With the help of an experienced integration partner, A&D companies will clearly see how a quality ERP system, implemented with proper support and guidance, can meet the challenges associated with disruptive technologies, harnessing them to drive growth in many areas.

Receive Trusted ERP Implementation

Backed by Professional and Experienced Support

We stay on as your partner long after the launch of your ERP solution with our Managed Epicor Solution Program (MESP) and a connected point of contact through our Customer Care Program (CCP). With every need, you also have professional support from our experienced team.

Embrace Digital Disruption with a Certified ERP Partner

Achieve substantially higher returns on your digital investments with a unified ERP solution that will provide a comprehensive strategy to manage digital disruption

The experienced team at Cre8tive Technology and Design are certified ERP integration experts and we look forward to talking with you about your goals and how we can help you navigate and benefit from disruptive technologies.

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