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CTND’s extensive experience has played a pivotal role in taking the capabilities of the Epicor product and creating tailor fit solutions for our complex and unique needs

- Mike Mastergeorge, Collins Aerospace

Cre8tive Technology & Design is proud of close-knit relationship we have with Epicor. As the preferred partner for A&D services and solutions, we put our A&D ERP expertise to work so you can manage the complexities and optimize operations. Our Epicor Platinum Partnership helps us serve your needs from achieving compliance to providing custom ERP aerospace software solutions.

Streamline Your Process with Cre8tive's Aerospace ERP Systems 

We put tools at your fingertips and help you navigate production changes, hard deadlines, and tight budgets with resources designed for the aerospace, defense, and aviation industries.

Our aerospace ERP software and systems management help you: 

  • Improve lead times and reduce overhead costs
  • Establish integrity and the cohesive flow of data - all managed by user-friendly software
  • Enhance business processes including contract management, supply chain operations/procurement, financial controls, earn value management (EVM) in manufacturing, and more
  • Automatically update compliance 
  • Complete A&D software systems clause maintenance
  • Make the production process increasingly scalable and sustainable

Solve Unique Business Challenges by Integrating Aerospace ERP Software 

With intuitive technology that can adapt to your A&D business structure, we provide a highly-functional aerospace and defense ERP solution that incorporates automation, machine learning, AI, and other attributes to maximize efficiency.

Cre8tive's high-performance solution is a powerful ERP software integration for A&D and the aviation industry that can help you overcome even the most challenging hurdles:

  • Streamline and/or automate inefficient workstreams
  • Take full control of struggling workflow structures
  • Have first-hand management over complex revisions, programs, contracts, etc. 

Achieve Compliance and Encourage Safe Practices  

Cre8tive will work with you to maintain A&D processes that meet strict governmental compliance standards while keeping your information both safe and accessible.

Our customers are able to: 

  • Adhere to agency requirements 
  • Successfully pass AS 9100, ISO 9000/01 and DCAA audits 
  • Experience the capabilities of the Microsoft Azure application
  • Keep data secure within the ERP solution which was created with NIST cybersecurity best practices and FIPS standards in mind.

We have received numerous certifications and accolades that we use every day to support you with compliance and optimal functionality.



Partner with Creative for ERP Integration

Learning about the requirements, objectives, and roadblocks of your operations and industry is the catalyst for every conversation we will have during the ERP integration process. Share your expectations, goals, and timelines with us. We will collaboratively plan with you and your team will have access to an integration partner every step of the way.
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