Overlooked Features of ERP Systems

The benefits of having an ERP platform are fairly well-known. A robust ERP solution allows you to keep track of information and data in real-time. Cloud-based solutions offer the ability to work anywhere and provide increased security. However, there are overlooked features of ERP systems that many business are missing out. These are just as important as the major selling points. In this blog, we will go over some of the unexpected benefits of ERP software.


The goal of many businesses is to grow their business and profits. This is something modern ERP platforms are built for. If your business grows in size and employees, it should be simple to increase your number of licenses. Modern ERP platforms also include out-of-the-box language translators that will support your business expanding into new markets.

Aids in Government Compliance

Your line of business may require that you operate within strict government regulations. For example, aerospace & defense businesses are subject to ITAR and NIST compliance. Failure to meet these standards could result in loss of business, or even prison time.

A well-organized ERP solution will make it easy to track products and produce vital information when audited for government compliance.

Reduced Cost, More Productivity

Beyond the initial upfront cost, ERP software will actually save costs in the long run. An effective ERP platform will boost efficiency among employees and machines, and reduce manual administration costs. Inefficient and time-wasting workflows are eliminated, freeing up more time for employees to complete tasks that are productive. The ERP system will pay for itself in gained revenue.

Customer Experience

Having a smooth operating ERP platform benefits more than just the users of the software. If the software your company utilizes works efficiently and as expected, that is a benefit to your customers and clients. Automated workflows and inventory management systems ensure that customers receive their orders in a timely fashion. Additionally, they make services like returns and repairs easier to manage as well.

Cre8tive Technology is your ERP Software Expert

Cre8tive Technology and Design has years of experience partnering with manufacturing companies in a variety of industries. We design ERP solutions that meet your business needs. Your business is missing out on overlooked features of ERP systems. To see which, contact us today.

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