We are ERP Solution Experts

Transform your business performance and process through Enterprise technology. At Cre8tive Technology and Design, we are your trusted consulting experts for Enterprise Resource Planning implementation, application consulting, technical consulting, and ongoing support. We help you achieve industry-specific goals for your business through streamlining your business process.

When you engage with Cre8tive, we take the time to learn about your business, goals, challenges and help you move forward in a way that you envision but also in a way that helps your business.

Why Work With Us

We focus on delivering business solutions, not deploying software. If we do not have a solution fit for your company, we will let you know up-front and introduce you to some who does.
Cre8tive has over 75 dedicated team members with deep technical, functional and industry expertise to help you achieve your business goals. We are focused on mitigating your risk and delivering transformative results. You can expect us to partner with you throughout your road to digital transformation.

We Handle Every Aspect of Your ERP Service Needs  

  • Application Consulting  & Technical Consulting   
  • Implementation Services
  • Industry Compliance Services
  • Custom Integrations & Development
  • Managed and Hosted Services
  • Customer Care Program
  • Applied Composites Engineering, Inc.
  • Baskins Machined Products LLC
  • Burrana
  • California Closet Company, Inc.
  • Carlisle Fluid Technologies, Inc.
  • Central States Industrial
  • Cognito Motorsports
  • Collins Aerospace
  • IMCO Carbide Tool Inc.
  • Klinge Corporation
  • Lincoln Electric Holdings, Inc.
  • Melton Machine & Control Co
  • NGD Systems, Inc.
  • OpenGear, Inc.
  • Optivus Proton Therapy, Inc.
  • Positronic Industries, Inc.
  • SeAH Steel USA, LLC
  • Valcor Engineering Corp
  • Wolf Robotics, LLC
  • Zepher
  • Wayne Trail Technologies, Inc.
  • California Cedar Products Company

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