Modern Technology Facilitating Expert Innovation


Geater Machining & Manufacturing, Co. is a veteran-owned organization that specializes in precision machining, sheet metal fabrication, and finishing operations for premier aerospace and defense, electronics, and high-tech customers. Since 1962, Geater has progressively solved complex challenges and provided cost-effective solutions with a fast, on-time delivery process that is unparalleled. The company is staffed by a deep bench of experts; 400+ dedicated employees who innovate and annually produce approximately:

  • 15 million quality precision machined and fabricated parts.
  • 10,000 different types of parts.
  • 225 tons of material that serve unique customer operations (military boxes, satellites, rockets, etc.)

With every solution that is developed, customers receive a personalized level of long-term value. Geater combines production with a comprehensive quality control program and superb customer service, consistently moving the industry bar.


Geater struggled to find an enterprise resource planning (ERP) platform that could keep up with their thought leadership expectations and quick pace of production. For months, they were led down the wrong path with a database that failed to properly update, would often crash, and was never solidified. There were also other obstacles that stood in the way of the company that was clearly primed for success. Geater was forced to operate with language functionality that was slow, time consuming, and did not fit their breadth of knowledge, or their ability to complete tasks on the fly. Additionally, they needed to overcome the challenge of finding and implementing a scalable ERP solution amid the unprecedented constraints of the pandemic.


A pursuit to find a modern platform centered on Epicor, where Geater was matched with the preferred partner for A&D ERP implementation: Cre8tive Technology & Design. From there, all the pieces of the puzzle began to align. Geater was fully engaged to leverage the power of Cre8tive’s A&D module. Even with a large IT department, the implementation of the platform allowed their staff to divide and conquer, integrating powerful, custom modules that were setup to easily and effectively train from the top down. The superstars at Geater solidified the advanced modules during a single phase – a task that is almost unheard of. They found that with a state-of-the-art platform, they have a solution that is quick, responsive, and ready to serve their needs.

Cre8tive’s subject matter expertise using the Collabor8te implementation methodology boded well for the partnership, giving Geater exactly what they wanted. With Epicor ERP, information management is now able to be properly monitored at an administrative level, and the modern solution provided a simple way to thoroughly test. Best of all, Cre8tive’s guidance instilled confidence amid uncertain times. While the need to meet virtually added a potential barrier, the implementation flourished during the pandemic and the project came in on budget. Following their go-live in December 2020, Geater has continued to grow and diversify their strategic approach, creating in-depth reports and utilizing out-of-the-box Epicor tools to make financially successful business decisions.


“Geater strives to be #1 for quality, service, and on-time delivery. Epicor ERP and the implementation process from Cre8tive Technology & Design helped us better facilitate those goals. Thanks to this modern resource and the expertise of our partners at Cre8tive, we have cultivated an industry presence that has only continued to increase.”

Keith Downing, IT Manager and Security Manager, Geater Machining & Manufacturing, Co.

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