Manufacturer in Sales Order Customization – Delivered to Customer

As part of a Distribution model, Manufacturer is a critical attribute for the management of costing and pricing. For this implementation, Manufacturer is equal to Supplier, and all materials are lot tracked, so the Manufacturer will be assigned by Lot. At Quote and Sales Order entry, the manufacturer drives pricing, and also allows computation of a gross margin based on the available lots. A dashboard of information was added to the List grid tab of both the Quote and the Sales Order, containing information pertaining to Manufacturer and available lots. If the gross margin percent drops below a specified (in the company master) level, and the logic to calculate and warn when the limits are met is enabled (also defined in the company master), a message is displayed either at line save, or on set of Ready to Process, warning the Sales Person of the limit and asking for confirmation to continue. In this way, information is available as required to manage pricing and margin.

Screen examples:

Manufacturer Added to Supplier
Status Added Directly to Manufacturer
Status Added to Price List
Additional Fields Added to Order Entry for
Message is displayed when gross profit at the order line level is too low.
Message is displayed at the Order Header level if gross profit percentage is too low.
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