How to Calculate Labor Hours with Epicor’s Expenses and Time Reporting

Expenses and Time reporting can be submitted for approval by employees in standard Epicor Software using the ‘Time and Expense Entry’ form, this is a form where most of the employees of many different types of business will use frequently. Given the amount of time spent on this screen and the frequency with which it is used, it is common for customizations to be requested and developed.

An example of such custom software solution is one where the user can enter the number of people (in this particular case referred to as Volunteers) that worked on a Job Operation and choose from different presets of Session lengths or even type in a custom one, and the form will calculate the total of Labor Hours based on these two items. If the number of workers varies from time to time and operation to operation, and/or the time is being entered by Team or Employee group, this customization allows for quicker Time Entry while avoiding human errors.

Additionally, this particular customization defaults the Job Operation to the first one on the list when the button to calculate the Labor Hours is pressed, as this is the one particular Operation where ‘Volunteering’ applies.

Launch the Custom ‘Time and Expense Entry’ form and login:

Epicor Time and Expense Entry form – Employee Login

Navigate to the Time > Daily Time > Detail > Detail tab. Click on ‘New’. Fields are enabled for entry:

Epicor Time and Expense Entry form – New Daily Time Detail

Enter the Number of Volunteers for a particular Session in the corresponding field. Click the ‘1.5 Hrs’ button which will calculate the Labor Hrs and populate such field with the result of Volunteers * Labor Hrs and default the Operation to the first one:

Epicor Time and Expense Entry – Fixed Labor Hrs calculation

Enter a different number of Volunteers and a Custom Session Length, then press the ‘Use Custom Session Length’ button. Labor Hrs are calculated:

Epicor Time and Expense Entry – Custom Labor Hrs calculation

This is just an example of how a customization can be developed to fulfill very specific needs for a business to make sure that a frequently visited form in Epicor can be used more efficiently.

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