How to Choose the Right ERP Solution

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software has transformed the way businesses operate. This integrated business management solution offers exceptional insight into operations, automation of time-consuming processes, and so much more.

One of the keys to ERP’s success is that it offers value to companies across industries and business sectors. The best ERP includes both broadly relevant functionalities and in-depth opportunities for customization and add-ons.

Because ERP can and should be tailored to your business’s needs, it’s important to find the right platform. It’s just as crucial to find the right partner to support customization and implementation.

Wondering how to select the right ERP system? Want to learn more about how to choose an ERP vendor and partner? Keep reading to learn more about finding the best solution for your needs.

How to Choose the Right ERP System

Specialized Support for Your Industry and Business

All high-quality ERP systems help their users manage and streamline a variety of basic business requirements. Accounting, human resources, and sales are just a few examples. Just about any dependable ERP solution can make it easier to control and complete those processes.

When you start considering ERP options for your business, don’t stop with general support for standard business processes. Look for software and ERP implementation partners that can support more unique needs. A good partner will make their areas of expertise clear.

At CTND, we focus on four specific types of manufacturing and provide solutions tailored to each of them:

By building expertise specifically within those following four areas of manufacturing, we provide more targeted suggestions, support, and solutions.

Don’t settle for a generic ERP solution. Your business deserves software that can handle basic operations and your specialized needs. Look for industry-specific ERP that provides relevant options for customization.

A Dedicated Partner for Implementation and Support

A survey from Epicor, a global leader in ERP, found users are very confident about the early phases of a software purchase. More than 19 out of 20 respondents (96%) said their organization can successfully work through stages like initial evaluation and requirements planning.

Opinions change drastically when it comes to the later stages of implementation. Nearly half (48%) of survey respondents said they need more support and a stronger partnership with their ERP partner during this phase. The major concerns tied to this sentiment were making migration easier and deriving value from ERP on a faster timeline.

The early process of selecting and planning for an ERP system is critical. However, it’s clear that many businesses need more support as time goes on.

To us, that makes a lot of sense. Implementation can be complex, and a successful go-live phase is crucial to a positive outcome. Similarly, support for a live ERP solution is just as valuable as consulting and leadership for the implementation phase.

Finding a partner that can continue to provide insight and guidance after your ERP system goes live is crucial. Implementation is only the beginning of the process. A continuing relationship is part of the foundation for sustainable success with ERP.

An Implementation Process that Aligns With Your Company’s Capabilities

Every business is different. When it comes to ERP implementation, your company’s capabilities, requirements, and limitations have to come first.

Consider a large manufacturing company. This business likely has the resources needed for a more involved and lengthier selection and implementation process. The benefits of an individualized approach can definitely pay off for this type of business. Ultimately, the time and effort invested can lead to a system designed to truly meet the company’s needs.

Now, consider a machine shop. These smaller enterprises often don’t have the resources — time, available staff, etc. — to manage a long and complex implementation. However, they can still gain a major advantage with an ERP system designed to optimize their business functions.

An exceptional ERP partner will provide specialized solutions in this regard as well. For example, we offer turnkey ERP that takes the size, structure, and priorities of machine shops into account.

Just a few of the specific advantages include a go-live timetable of 8-12 weeks and a clear fixed cost. We also provide enterprise application support and a help desk to empower long-term success. By recognizing the differences between our customers, we can make the path to a live, reliable, and valuable ERP system that much easier.

Understand Your Company’s Own Needs and Priorities

Why is your business considering implementing ERP for the first time, or moving to a new solution? What specific inefficiencies do you want to improve, and which business challenges do you need to address?

If you can answer those questions in detail, you’re in a great position to begin choosing the right ERP system. You can more easily seek out partners that can competently and effectively address your needs. Additionally, you’re better prepared to discuss specifics with potential partners and assess their ability to help.

Do you only have a few simple goals, or just know ERP has broad benefits? It’s time to think about your business in detail. Start documenting things like current operational pain points and difficulties with accessing and analyzing siloed data. When you can share details about business concerns and potential opportunities for improvement, it’s far easier to find the right ERP solution.

Take the Time to Assess Your Options

Once you do your research and identify potential partners, be sure to discuss these opportunities with fellow decision-makers. Review, reassess, compare, and contrast your options. Get in touch to ask follow-up questions and clear up any remaining uncertainty.

ERP is a major investment for all businesses. Finding the right software and the ERP partner to match is far more important than getting a small head start on implementation.

ERP for A&D, Engineer to Order, Machine Shops, and General Manufacturing

At CTND, we specialize in ERP solutions for manufacturers like machine shops and businesses in the A&D industry. Our dedication to providing the best solution and long-term support make us a true partner for all of our clients.

To learn more about how we can help you transform your business, get in touch with us today!

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