How Technology is Inspiring a New Breed of CIO in Manufacturing: Part 5 of a 5 Part Series

How Technology is Inspiring a New Breed of CIO in Manufacturing

Introduction – Executive Summary

The office of the CIO, first proposed in 1980, has finally come of age.

But why has it taken so long, and what particular demands does modern manufacturing place on those in the vanguard of re-imagining technology’s role? In this executive briefing, we examine the role of the Chief Information Officer, touching briefly on the key steps of what should be their journey from the computer suite to the boardroom. Over five sections, we look at Improvers, Transformers and Inspirers, mapping their skills, talents and experience against the needs of industry. We discuss the place and purpose of technology in the fiercely competitive global market. Lastly, we propose a 5-point plan to help the business meet its goals–and to help the CIO mature into a new form of business leader.

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Part 5 – Conclusions and next steps

What can we conclude from the journey we’ve outlined here?

First, that the hybrid CIO is no longer an aspiration but a reality; and second, that within a very short period, the prefix will be dropped, as the combination of Improver and Transformer/Inspirer is accepted as the status quo.

At the center of technology: at the heart of the business

The successful CIO manages upwards to promote the IT function’s contribution in achieving business goals.

The CIO positions the IT department as the pace setter– inspiring change through technology.

The responsibility and influence of a CIO penetrate every aspect of the supply chain–from vendor selection and management to customer service.

And the CIO profile is equally high inside the company and among external stakeholders.

In the world of manufacturing, what defines the new CIO?

The modern manufacturing CIO is no longer content simply to wait, respect tradition, follow, accept convention, shrink from reality, succumb to inertia, or hide behind old ways.

Special attributes.

  • Confident–comfortable with the unknown
  • Smart–a fast learner and great communicator
  • Intelligent–able to imagine, analyze and evaluate
  • Persuasive–able to present, report, convince
  • An innovator–shaping, creating and justifying his actions
  • A doer–acting, mobilizing and managing
  • An experimenter–taking calculated risks to move the business forward

Today’s CIO readily assumes the mantle of change, and is firmly at the top table now–at the center of discussions, driving change through:

  • Better access to data and process from anywhere
  • An architecture that allows rapid response
  • Tools that provide insight and decision support

In short, there’s a new CIO in town. A CIO knows what is needed from technology and loves to use it to transform the future of the business. Today’s CIO has earned the status as a business leader.

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