Debunking Myths About Cloud ERP: Making an Informed Choice for Your Business

Effective and dependable cloud enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is incredibly valuable for manufacturers, and for many other businesses as well.

ERP centralizes key business functions, enables integrated workflow management, and provides a single source of truth. With decades of successful use by companies large and small, there’s no argument that ERP can improve transparency and streamline operational oversight.

Cloud-based software, often called software as a service, is similarly valuable. Compared to on-premise software, cloud-based options offer many advantages. ZDNet highlighted a number of these benefits, from the simple nature of the subscription payment model to anywhere, anytime access to key data.

Despite proven benefits for both cloud hosting and ERP, there are still some misconceptions about this software. Let’s debunk a few common myths about cloud ERP.

Cloud ERP System Myth No. 1: Costs are Too High

Cloud-based ERP uses a very different approach to pricing than traditional ERP (and other types of on-premise software). With cloud software, vendors charge a fixed cost each month to host, provide access, and offer technical support to clients.

That continuing cost may make the more occasional price structure of traditional ERP seem attractive.

The truth is that businesses have to deal with a wide range of ongoing costs with traditional software, too. Purchasing and maintaining servers, ensuring security, and managing updates and upgrades are unavoidable responsibilities with traditional software. Those are all continuing costs as well.

With cloud ERP solutions and a dependable provider, it’s much simpler to track spending over time and project costs for budgeting needs.

ERP Cloud Myth No. 2: Implementation is Too Complicated

Whether moving to new cloud ERP software or implementing it for the first time, businesses have to make some adjustments. With a partner providing cloud-based ERP and leading the implementation effort, however, the process is far from complicated.

Make sure the cloud ERP vendor you select offers in-depth training and a dedicated team for configuration and optimization. The transition to a new system won’t be complex or frustrating with the right partner to support your company.

Cloud ERP Software Myth No. 3: Timelines are Too Long

Different providers will take different approaches. However, there are effective cloud-based ERP solutions available that can be up and running in a matter of weeks. Considering the wide-ranging benefits ERP provides to businesses, a timeline of several weeks is a very modest commitment.

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