Customer Pricing Customization – Driven by “MarkUp” Based on Unit Cost

Requirement: Customer Pricing is driven by ‘markup” based on a unit cost, either from the system or entered manually (special pricing from a Supplier). The Special Pricing from the Supplier is known at the time of Sales Order placement, but needs to be passed to the PO Suggestion for the buy to order or make direct release, so that the costs are assigned to the correct shipment. Price lists will not be used- each order will be treated as a separate event. Any attachments to the Sales Order line must be passed to the related PO line. A comment field to be passed from the Sales Order to Purchasing is also required.

The customization includes updates to the following transaction forms: Order Entry, PO Suggestions, PO Entry, and Job Entry (for purchase direct materials).

Screen examples:

New Pricing Fields New Comments Tab – Data wil be Passed to PO Suggestions On Updated of Special Pricing, Unit Price is Set Make Direct or Buy to Order is Set by the System, Based on Part Type Purchasing Text is Entered as Notation for the Buyer
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