Customer Maintenance – Alternate Bill To Only: Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

Customers can be part of a larger organization, but purchase for themselves, primarily using a credit card as payment. For instance, The University of Tennessee may have a Customer ID, and is a primary Sold To (meaning Sales Orders are created for this Customer ID). However, some professors at the University will purchase items on behalf of the University, and the purchase would be documented using as an Alternate Bill To reference. In these cases, the Alternate Bill To is created as a Customer ID of its own, but should NOT be used in any manner other than an Alternate Bill To. Standard Epicor Software does not support placing this type of restriction to a Customer ID, and conflicts can occur when placing orders for non-Sold To Customer IDs.

A custom software solution was developed to avoid these types of conflicts. A field has been added to the Customer form, representing Alternate Bill Tos. If a Customer ID is used as an Alternate Bill To on a Sales Order, this checkbox is automatically updated to True, and the Customer is treated by the system as an Alternate Bill To customer:

Epicor Customer Maintenance – Customer > Detail tab

Epicor Customer Maintenance – Create a new Customer, checkbox is disabled.
Epicor Customer Maintenance – Set new test customer as an Alternate Bill To for an existing customer (In this case, Addison INC).
Epicor Sales Order Entry – Create a new SO, choose the new Test Customer as the order’s Bill To. Save.
Epicor Customer Maintenance – Test Customer has been marked as Alternate Bill To Only.

When the Customer attempts to create a new Sales Order and chooses a Customer which has been marked as Alternate Bill To Only as the order’s Sold To, a message will pop up informing the customer that this ID cannot be a primary Sold To value:

Epicor Sales Order Entry – Create a SO with an Alternate Bill To Only Customer as the Sold To. Save.

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