Announcing an exciting update to the A&D Solution!

Announcing an exciting update to the A&D Solution!

Enhancements have been added to the A&D Solution, version 2023.1 only.

1) FAI to the Supplier/Part/Rev level: While FAI has always applied to the Part/Revision, this functionality is now extended to the Supplier/Part/Revision level by leveraging the Supplier Price List.

2) Job Clause Re-Pull: From the overflow menu of Job Entry, the User can select Re-Pull Clauses. This process updates clauses according to the system logic, so that if a Contract is added or clauses have been changed on the parent record (Part, Sales Order Line, Job), the clauses will be refreshed with the updated values.

3) Customer Contract Dashboard: This is an updateable dashboard that allows the User to update the Customer Contract on multiple jobs at the same time, as well as update DPAS separately and pull clauses based on the new assignments.

This upgrade service is included in your subscription fees so there is no cost to you. To schedule an installation of this latest update, please follow the steps below.

What To Do: · Please contact us via email ( to schedule the upgrade of the A&D module. This update will be to Pilot, with the expectation to install to Production after testing.

· The update to the A&D module will take approximately 2 hours and a regen/recycle is required.

Please note that SaaS (cloud) installations will be updated with this enhancement as part of the update to 2023.2 if no action is taken prior to that uplift date.