Advantage #2: Improve Product Design with Machine Learning in Manufacturing

Product design: it’s an investment and a risk, but a great opportunity. Utilizing machine learning, manufacturing companies can improve product design, and ensure they spend time and money on launching new products that are more likely to succeed.

This blog post is one in a series looking at the challenges and advantages of machine learning in manufacturing. In this particular article, we explore how machine learning can be used to improve your product design initiatives, and enable you to craft winning products for your customers.

What Kind of Automation Can be Gained?

Imagine you could predict whether your customers would like the new product you have in mind. You could also successfully estimate how well it would sell, and whether it would become one of your biggest sellers, or an initiative you wish you’d never invested in.

Manufacturers generally have a concept of how well their products sell, and what their customers appreciate about their designs. Technology with machine learning capabilities is able to take this further. Machine learning can create a clear picture by using vast amounts of data, the kind a human would find mind-boggling to prepare. Use of this data enables machines to make superior decisions and provide more accurate estimates that can lead to new product success.

Process Improvements

Artificial intelligence and machine learning can be used to improve many new product design processes, from the initial stages of research, to prototyping and product build. Applications of machine learning in manufacturing allow you to:

  • Improve how you plan for new products.
  • Improve how you choose which idea to run with.
  • Optimize and fine tune designs.
  • More accurately predict demand for a new product.
  • Improve prototypes.
  • Improve 3D printing.
  • Simulate consumer response.
  • Create new ideas for product line extensions, to use as upsells and cross-sells.
  • Reduce time to market.
  • Improve product quality.
  • Create new products that drive more revenue, sooner.

Ongoing Maintenance

Additional advantages of machine learning in manufacturing relate to ongoing maintenance of equipment, and improvement of existing products.

Machine learning can alert you to issues with your equipment even before your most experienced machinists notice a change.

It can also help you continuously improve products. Additionally, very little gets past a machine that uses artificial intelligence and machine learning. Any errors, discrepancies or dips in product quality will be noted, and standards will continue to rise as your machine gathers data and learns more.

Take Advantage of Machine Learning in Manufacturing

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