Tax Reporting – Refundable Tax Delivered to Customer

Some states and countries have refundable taxes collected, and these need to be reported. One reporting requirement is system calculated tax where a manually calculated tax was applied. This comparison allows errors to be defined more readily, and assists in the reconciliation process.

A new report was generated to show taxes in both forms- system calculated, and the actual manual tax applied. A customization was required to support reporting, though no change to the User Interface was made.

Taxes by Invoice date range

  • Columns:
    • Supplier
    • Invoice number (where Open Payable = false)
    • Invoice Date
    • PO
    • PO Line
    • Part Number
    • Supplier qty
    • Unit price
    • Taxable flag
    • Tax Type (UD Field)
    • Initial tax amount
    • Applied tax amount
    • Tax Code
    • Misc Charge Code
    • Type (A/P)
    • Misc Charge Amount
  • Filters
    • Tax type (UD field)
    • Invoice date range

Example report format:

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