Sales Order ‘Ship By Date’: Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

All fields within the Standard Epicor Software can be divided into two major groups; Required & Non-required. This characteristic is pre-defined for all fields in all of the forms and can be changed via a customization. Let’s take the ‘Ship By Date’ field from the Sales Order Entry form, for example. This date field is not required by default, and the user can create a new Sales Order, save it, and process it without manually setting it. But what if the user requires this date field to be manually entered (to ensure accuracy)? How do we prevent the Sales Order from saving or how do we auto-assign a specific date?

For this particular scenario, we will create a custom software solution with the following requirements. (This logic will only apply at a Header level, since standard Epicor 9 functionality defaults all lines and releases ‘Ship By Dates’ to the Header date:

  • In the ‘Sales Order Entry’ form
    • The ‘Ship By Date’ needs to be made a required field; meaning that, if the user attempts to save an order with an empty ‘Ship By Date’ a message will inform the user that the field is required.
    • On creation of a new Sales Order, the system will automatically default the ‘Ship By Date’ to the current Order Date + 2 Business Days (Business days are considered Monday through Friday).
    • This field will remain updateable by the user, in case the date needs to be overridden.

See an example of the customization running:

Epicor Sales Order Entry – Create New Order.

Epicor Sales Order Entry – Order Date is today. Ship By Date defaults to Order Date + 2 Business days.
Epicor Sales Order Entry – Enter Customer and Save.
Epicor Sales Order Entry – Cleary Ship By Date and tab out.
Epicor Sales Order Entry – Date Rolls Back to 8/26.
Epicor Sales Order Entry – Update Date.
Epicor Sales Order Entry – Value updates correctly.
Epicor Sales Order Entry – Add a line, releases default to header ‘Ship By Date.
Epicor Sales Order Entry – Update Header ‘Ship By Date’ and click Yes on prompt.
Epicor Sales Order Entry – Release updates correctly.
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