Picking Queue Manager – Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

The picking/packing process through Standard Epicor Software is done in separate steps. A custom software solution was created in which the ‘Material Request Queue’ UI (User Interface) was tailored to allow a more efficient process. These modifications can be described in two parts:

  • The transactions displayed in the form were narrowed down to only include those relevant to the shipping department and a ‘Sales Order/Ship To’ filter was added to list specific records:

Clicking the ‘Order Number’ button will bring up a search menu where the desired SO is selected:

Once a Sales Order is selected, the releases selected for picking are displayed. The Quantity field is enabled for modifications:

To search for a different warehouse to assign, the user can right click the field and open the Warehouse Search window:
The user can now type in or search for a Bin by right-clicking and launching the Bin Search window:
If a specific ‘Ship To’ is chosen and the “Refresh” button is clicked, only the associated releases will be displayed:

This customization also allows the selection and processing of multiple records to be picked and optionally launch ‘Customer Shipment Entry’ and automatically generate the pack with the selected details. In this case, the first 3 entries are selected for processing:

An SQL query shows that Qty is now picked for the first releases processed:
The ‘Customer Shipment Entry’ form launches displaying the created pack:

This custom software solution, allows a much more comfortable and efficient picking/processing of releases and also a direct creation of the packs, thus saving valuable time and resources to the user.

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