Part Master Inspection Required: Epicor 10 ERP Custom Software Solution

  • 9 March 2015
  • cre8
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In standard Epicor Software a Part can be flagged for inspection in several ways; either by flagging a Part Class or a Supplier or directly when creating a PO (in PO Entry) or on Receiving (Receipt Entry). This is particularly effective when all parts of a specific class or supplier should be inspected. However, there might be a scenario in which only specific parts for a PO or Receipt have to be flagged, and if the amount of parts is considerable, it might become time consuming for the user to manually checking the box for each line/part. Also, it’s possible that the user might forget to flag the checkbox for one or more items.

In order to overcome these difficulties and make it easier for users to flag items, a custom software solution was developed by Cre8tive Technology & Design which gives the ability to flag an item for inspection directly at the Part Master (Part Maintenance) using a UD check box. Whenever a PO or line is created, a BPM will be executed which goes and looks at the part’s UD field, if the box has been marked as TRUE, the ‘Inspection Required’ box at the PO or Receipt will automatically be checked as well. That way, the user only needs to check the box in Part Maintenance and the ‘Part Class’ and ‘Supplier’ inspection methods can still be used if desired:


Epicor Part Maintenance – Custom ‘Inspection Required’ UD checkbox


Epicor Part Maintenance – New Test Part created


Epicor Part Maintenance – Custom field flagged as TRUE


Epicor Receipt Entry – Standard form loaded


Epicor Receipt Entry – New Receipt created


Epicor Receipt Entry – New Stock Line for part previously created

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