Order/Job Wizard Scheduled Processing Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

Standard Epicor Software does not support the ability to run the Order/Job Wizard as a scheduled process. This can create a lot of work to manually run this process. This custom software solution was added to the Epicor ERP software to enable a company to mimic the Order/Job Wizard process and avoid locking user sessions. If a Business model includes a large number of Make to Order jobs to be created, the process can impact productivity. This can be automated as a batch process, to create jobs in the background at scheduled intervals, allowing the sales representatives to focus on Order Entry, and not job creation. A checkbox has been added to the Order Summary tab, to note which orders are ready for job creation. (Can also be triggered by releasing Order Hold or by setting Ready to Process = true)

A scheduled process (without any input parameters) will run to a schedule, performing the following process: 

  • Create a new Job for the Order/Line/Release using the Order Job Wizardfunctionality (Actions > Order Job Wizard), using the following options:
    • Create jobs
    • Get details
    • Schedule Job
    • Release Job
    • If no error is returned by the Order Job Wizard, assign “Jobs Created” (UD checkbox) = true

Note: If any error message is returned by the standard Job Wizard Tool, such as “No valid engineering revision”, the error will be saved into a UD Table so an assigned user can review and make corrections.

Screen shot examples:

Figure 1 – Checkboxes Have Been Added to the Order Entry Summary Tab to Allow Fine Control of Job Creation

Figure 2 – Standard System Agent Maintenance is Used for Scheduling the Process

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