Job Traveler Report – Epicor Consulting Support

Reporting is a very important part of Epicor Software, it is a medium through which users can find, gather, and analyze different quantities and types of data groups which leads to better informed decision making. Standard Epicor Software has a large amount of reports for the user to utilize and obtain information from. Specifically, the ‘Job Traveler’ report gives the user information about the job(s)’s Parts / Components – Raw Materials / Operations and the dates for these jobs. There are certain situations in which a customer might need additional information or cosmetic changes displayed in their reports. Through our Epicor Consulting Support program, we got together with the customer and re-designed the ‘Job Traveler’ report to include the necessary modifications:

The standard Job Traveler Crystal report looks l this:

The customized report looks like this:

It includes cosmetic changes which involve:

  • Font changes
  • Colored backgrounds
  • Re-positioning of fields
  • Addition of checkboxes in the bottom

Data included changes involve:

  • A ‘Customer Requirements’ box which includes comments that come from the Sales Order’s Header/Line comments
  • An additional ‘End User PO’ field

These changes can be applied to different ‘Job Traveler’ reports so as to give the customer different options to print, depending on the type of Job that is being handled.

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