How to Streamline Aerospace Manufacturing with the Product Process Matrix

For aerospace manufacturers looking to improve efficiency, the product process matrix is revolutionary. Finding the right ERP system to enable use of the matrix is the first step to game-changing success.

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What is the Product Process Matrix?

The product process matrix has been a key concept for manufacturers since 1979, when two articles by Robert H. Hayes and Steven C. Wheelwright were published in Harvard Business Review. "Link Manufacturing Process and Product Life Cycles" and "The Dynamics of Process-Product Life Cycles" offer essential insight that enables manufacturers to better strategize for product success.

The product process matrix focuses on two key elements:

  • The product lifecycle: A new product grows from an idea, to a prototype, to a standard product, and every stage in between.
  • The process lifecycle: As a product moves from initial development to market, it goes from being easy to customize or change but expensive to produce, to being standardized but affordable to manufacture.

The product-process matrix enables us to better understand how these two lifecycles work together for improved efficiencies.

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Why Streamline the Aerospace Product-Process Matrix?

The manufacturing product process matrix can help aerospace businesses soar.

  • The problem: You have a need for complex parts, capable of withstanding high temperatures and corrosion, built with precision. With the need for greater fuel efficiency driving innovation, there are many demands to meet and customizations to be made. As materials change, parts and components must also adapt, more so than in countless other industries. There are plenty of hurdles that can prevent aerospace manufacturers from reaching peak efficiency.
  • The solution: The product process matrix is designed to help you visualize and optimize your processes more clearly. With the right ERP system in place, making the most of this insight is easy.

How Can ERP Software Solutions Help?

The Epicor ERP system is customizable, and is widely recognized for offering a company-wide solution. It provides manufacturers with visibility across processes, and will streamline your manufacturing product process matrix.

Cre8tive Technology and Design was named Top Aerospace Manufacturing Solution Provider 2021, as awarded by Manufacturing Technology Insights.

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