Forecast Pro Customized Integration to Epicor 9

  • 4 June 2012
  • cre8
Categories: Epicor

Integration with an outside application, such as Forecast Pro, does not always mean loss of historical data. Data can be merged with data from a newly live Epicor installation for import into Forecast Pro, including parts for which there is no invoice history (new parts). Also, monthly export for Forecast Pro does not necessarily require monthly import back into E9.

Screen Examples:


Company Configuration Set to Monthly Export to Forecast Pro


Exported Data – Parts With No Sales History are Added to Exported File


History From Legacy System Formatted for Forecast Pro


Data for Parts from Legacy System and Exported Data from Epicor 9 are Merged


Forecast Pro Data Exported and Ready to be Imported into Epicor 9






Imported Data in Epicor 9 Converted into Weekly Buckets

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