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The aerospace and defense industry has always been a step ahead in terms of incorporating newer, innovative technologies into its workflows than other industries. But the irony lies in the fact that the tier 2 and tier 3 aerospace and defense manufacturing companies are still stuck with manual operations and paper-based record-keeping processes, which often leads to human errors and bottlenecks in the production workflow and resource planning initiatives. Having expended productive hours in such mundane tasks, workflow managers and their teams belonging to these tier 2 and tier 3 organizations fail to invest the necessary time and effort in their primary production activities of manufacturing parts. To strengthen this core of the industry, Cre8tive Technology and Design (CTND) provides ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) solutions with a mission to help these manufacturers boost their growth without disturbing the equilibrium of their back-office resources. With the amalgamation of its employees' experience, technology partners such as Epicor and Microsoft, and its readily available support team, CTND has built a creative and reliable software IP that can answer any ERP challenge that its clients face.

The company's pragmatic offerings comprise the implementation of state-of-the-art Epicor ERP solutions hat ensure regulatory compliance which promotes business growth and help clients become profitable in the long run. By leveraging Cre8tive's Aerospace and Defense practice, clients can increase operational efficiencies and promote on-time delivery of products, within the available budget and achieve compliance. Cre8tive's approach to the end-to-end implementation of Epicor ERP solutions begins with a learning phase where the company understands the modus operandi of a client, the relevant business prerequisites, and the challenges at hand, which can be leveraged to craft a suitable solution. Thereafter, a show phase is conducted by Cre8tive to demonstrate solutions and introduce the clients to its functionalities and benefits. As a result, by the time team Cre8tive reaches the delivery phase, the client would have built a decent understanding of, in accordance with the problems it solves.

Cre8tive's ability to serve clients even during the inconveniences cause by the pandemic has made the company a trustworthy business partner. As an expert in Enterprise Resource Planning and virtual deployment, Cre8tive has been able to remotely carry out successful implementations and support for clients - a noteworthy skill set in the post-COVID 19 era. To this end, Bob Aronson, the Chief Revenue Officer of the company says, "We have the ability to market, sell, deliver, and support a customer without ever meeting our clients face to face, which was barely possible earlier."

CTND's abilities in providing the best-in-business Epicor ERP solutions are evident from its collaborations with a client that had the risk of failing audits. Upon going live with their expensive ERP platforms, the very initial CMMC assessment brought to light that the client was not compliant with the relevant rules and predicted audit failures. Upon engagement, CTND provided the client with its managed service offering and a private government cloud that consisted of specific functionalities, such as export control, customer and supplier management, approval management, first article inspection, and quality clauses. With such an easy-to-use, intuitive offering, it was able to help its clients in eliminating the manual paperwork at a significantly lower cost.

Without resting on such laurels, the company is looking forward to expanding its presence geographically outside North America. The CRO further mentions, "We are also working towards extending our practices toward other regulated manufacturing sectors and effectively improve their ERP needs."

From Manufacturing Technology Insights, March 2021, ISSN 2644-2493

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