Cre8tive Technology & Design Partners with RSA Solutions

San Diego, CA. (Apr. 3, 2019) – Cre8tive Technology & Design is pleased to announce a partnership with RSA Solutions to bring a cohesive and complete ERP solution to the woodworking manufacturing industry. As a platinum reseller of Epicor ERP software, Cre8tive Technology & Design is teaming up with RSA Solutions to offer Production Coach for Epicor ERP, a fully integrated software package to the marketplace.

This information management product has the Epicor ERP platform as its hub and is fully integrated with Production Coach for Epicor ERP, a system designed exclusively to be utilized by woodworking manufacturers. Unlike some ERP systems that are intended to be used by various industries, Production Coach for Epicor ERP was created specifically to meet the challenges of the wood working industry and resolve historically troublesome issues that occur during the manufacturing process.

Both Cre8tive Technology & Design and RSA Solutions have extensive experience in the wood working sector and through Production Coach for Epicor ERP, are uniquely qualified to help companies modernize and streamline their manufacturing operations.

By seamlessly linking and coordinating the internal communication among such critical areas as inventory, production, financials, sales, service, purchasing, CRM and MRP, Production Coach for Epicor ERP maximizes the efficiencies among all of these crucial strategic business units by having all data integrated onto one information system. This kind of precision orchestration has proven to optimize margins and make organizations much more competitive.

“We are really excited about our partnership with Cre8tive,” says Roger Shaw, RSA Solutions chairman and founder. “Through them, we’re now able to offer Production Coach for Epicor ERP, an ERP solution that’s specifically designed for the woodworking industry.” Shaw adds, “There is nothing else out there for our industry which can do what this can: with Production Coach for Epicor ERP, data from Cabinet Vision, Microvellum, woodCAD|CAM, Inventor, and Solid Works is used versus being replicated.”

“We are thrilled about our partnership with RSA Solutions,” said Aaron Continelli, Cre8tive Technology & Design’s founder and president. “Both organizations have a lot of valuable experience in the wood working industry and Production Coach for Epicor ERP is a total, integrated package solution designed just for this highly specialized field. Our partnership with RSA Solutions creates an exciting synergy that will bring an unprecedented ability to provide tailor made solutions for every customer.”

About RSA Solutions

RSA Solutions is located in Lamar, MO and specializes in solving manufacturing problems through innovative software solutions that are designed to address each customer’s unique needs and process-specific challenges. Knowledgeable and experienced consultants are located throughout North America and have successfully helped companies get on the path to a more efficient and profitable manufacturing process, regardless of the software or machinery being utilized. For more information, email or call 1-866-930-0772.

About Cre8tive Technology & Design

For over 14 years, Cre8tive Technology & Design has partnered with manufacturing companies to help streamline their operations and meet strict operational and industry compliance requirements. Cre8tive is a Platinum Epicor technology solution provider with industry-specific, manufacturing ERP software that assists companies to become more flexible and lean. For more information, email or call (858)-457-2786.

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