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Why Your ERP is Important in the A&D Industry

Leveraging the power of a unique manufacturing system can change the way you do business as an Aerospace & Defense (A&D) provider. From enhanced daily applications to meeting short- and long-term goals, the competitive advantage of an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution is unparalleled when it comes to improving your operations via a comprehensive, efficient system.

Today’s Aerospace & Defense industry demands that leading manufacturers work in fast-paced, mission-critical environments, to deliver for their clients. ERP software solutions are the tools keeping that production moving, which is why it is vital to select an ERP that meets your needs, secured by an ERP implementation partner that understands your business.

How to Choose the Right Cloud-Based ERP

The key to selecting an ERP system as an A&D manufacturer simply revolves around one question: “Is this a one-stop solution?”

Many ERP systems may assist in one or two areas of your business, but leave you lacking in others. Select a cloud-based ERP that does it all. ERP software solutions that include only partial support can actually slow your down your progress.

Listed are the reasons why a single source for your resource planning is important for enhancing your business practices.

It Saves You Time and Money

There are only a finite amount of resources and their allocations must be precise. Your ERP will have a direct impact on whether or not you can:

  • Procure better lead times
  • Solidify resource-effective data flow
  • Cut down on unnecessary overhead and administrative expenses.

Additionally, it’s important to always remember that your cloud-based ERP should align with organizational objectives, including scalable and sustainable growth.

A Great ERP Improves Your Processes and Practices

Another important goal for almost every A&D provider considering an ERP (or a new ERP) is how it will improve their operations. This starts by removing options that are not configurable out-of-the-box solutions. Your system must be flexible enough to adapt, while addressing the entirety of your current processes. This includes linking projects with supply chain fluctuation or having the ability to align the scope of a project with your workload, cost to complete, and performance expectations.

You Will Remain Compliant

The A&D industry has strict compliance requirements and remaining up to date with these standards is often incentive enough to select a full-service ERP software solution. Your system should provide automatic updates, as falling out of compliance can be detrimental to progress and your finances.

An ERP, built with compliance capabilities, will support your completion of AS 9100, ISO 9000/01 and DCAA audits. It is also customizable to meet requirements of whichever governmental agency or agencies you work with.

It Securely Stores Your Information

A&D projects deal with sensitive data points, private intelligence, and more. You need your data flow to be unobstructed, while maintaining integrity. With an ERP designed for secure data storage and access, safe practices are possible.

An example: Epicor Kinetic is an innovative ERP solution that follows NIST cybersecurity best practices and meets FIPS standards. It is secure, yet functional in the cloud as a Microsoft Azure application.

You Have a Partner for Integration

When you choose a modern ERP software solution like Epicor Kinetic, you aren’t left to figure it out alone. Cre8tive Technology and Design is the preferred partner for A&D ERP integration. We have a team of experts that lead you through every phase of the process, training and supporting your problem solvers from implementation to the go-live period, and beyond.

Secure Your ERP Integration

Get in touch with the Cre8tive team for an A&D ERP software system that is designed with your business practices in mind. We will work with you to implement Epicor Kinetic with a seamless transition, using the Collabor8te Implementation Framework.  

Contact Cre8tive Technology and Design to learn more about how a new generation of resource management can benefit you’re A&D business, today!