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Customer Shipment Entry “Quick Ship” – Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

Within Standard Epicor Software, generating a pack is a fairly complex process which involves multiple clicks across several windows/tabs. In order to reduce the number of key clicks and the amount of user entry as part of the shipping process (and thus reducing the time spent creating packs, increasing productivity) a “Quick Ship” process was created as part of a custom software solution. This process is useful when SO’s are to be shipped and there are multiple cases (boxes) that each require a tracking number assigned. Tab stops are very important in this customization as the goal is to perform as much processing as fast as possible, using a keyboard, not a mouse.

Create Sales Order, with multiple releases, ship by dates, and one ship to, no lot tracked parts.
Sales Order Entry Detail in Epicor ERP

Update Order quantity and ship to in epicor erp system

Sales Order Entry Detail with multiple releases in epicor erp

Launch customer shipment entry in epicor erp

Customer Shipment Entry Summary in epicor erp

Sales Order Selection in epicor erp

Order Line Release in epicor erp

Customer Shipment Entry in Epicor ERP