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Accounts Receivable Cash Receipt / Debit Upload – Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

Standard Epicor Software does not allow automatic creation of Cash Receipts Groups for A/R Cash Receipts and Debits to be applied to. If large amount of Receipts and Debits need to be applied to different invoices, adding them manually can seriously impact productivity. A custom software solution was created to automate this process by importing data from a csv (comma separated values) file. A Service Connect workflow was created which sorts, validates, and processes the data from such file:

CSV data imported into Epicor ERP

(An example CSV file viewed in Excel)

The data is processed and stored in different UD fields. Customer ID is queried from the posted Invoice, if we verify the Invoice in question in Epicor Software, we can see the customer is ‘ADDISON’. This is stored in UD10.Key4:

AR Invoice Tracker in Epicor ERP

In order to make group creation more efficient, several records in the UD table are sorted so that certain information that entries in the csv have in common, are used to create a single posting group where Company ID, Apply Date, Bank Account, and Payment Method are the same:

Data from Epicor ERP grouped in a CSV file

In this case, the first two rows will be included in a group. The third and fourth rows will be in separate groups.

Epicor ERP Cash Receipts for payments and corresponding debit notes

Cash Receipts Entry for payments and corresponding debit notes

If a group or Customer ID has a validation error, a record (including all values in the UD table for each debit) is saved in an error log table for tracking purposes:

Validation errors from cash receipts listed in an error log table within epicor erp

Standard Epicor Software does not automatically close Invoices where any remaining balance after payment requires write-off. As part of this custom software solution, a checkbox was added to the Cash Receipt Entry header tab in order to help automate this process. On posting, when the checkbox is set to false, standard Epicor Software functionality will process the group. When set to true, on posting of the group, additional processing is triggered, and for the specified payment, any invoices in the allocation where after payment is applied, the balance is > $0.00, the invoice is adjusted to $0.00 and closed:

Select write off on posting in the cash receipts entry of epicor erp

Save changes in the invoice selection of epicor ERP

Post the Group. Group posts, invoice referenced in allocation is closed (10320), remaining balance is adjusted off, using Book, GL account, description and comment as defined:

Cash Receipt Post Process in Epicor ERP

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