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Tray Management and Tracking Customization

Required: Tracking of issued components in a consignment warehouse, related to the lot tracked manufactured part. The finished good part is manufactured, and the issued materials documented as associated to the received lot number. When transferred to a “consignment” warehouse, the finished good is dis-assembled into its components for consumption. The components must maintain identity to the finished good lot number, and will be processed by a sales order and shipment on consumption.

Screen examples:

Search for Lots by Customer ID, Lot Number or Even Component Part On Retrieve, Components of the Selected Lot(s) are Listed

Lot Number(s) and Components are Listed Component Attributes can be Updated

Update Results for STK-STK Transfers or Other Related Transaction

All Components for a Single Lot ID can be Transferred With One Click

A History Log is Generated for all Changes

History can be Filtered by Date