Best Practices for Managing Aerospace & Defense Supply Chain Risks

One of the most critical components of any Aerospace & Defense (A&D) company is effective and efficient supply chain management. This will help A&D businesses meet all their financial goals and strategic initiatives.

Aerospace & Defense supply chains are complex global and wide-ranging systems with different tiers of suppliers, including original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and maintenance, repairs, overhaul (MRO) providers, and more. The agencies that rely on them also need to meet strict regulatory and compliance requirements.

Luckily, through innovations in custom process and product management, Cre8tive Technology and Design can alleviate the threat of risks in the supply chain through powerful, effective enterprise resource planning (ERP) integration.

How Cre8tive Can Help

As a certified ERP implementation partner of Epicor Kinetic for A&D, Cre8tive utilizes decades of experience assisting A&D users with highly complex needs. As a premier Epicor Platinum Partner and the preferred team for A&D teams with supply chain issues, we do more than install a best-in-class ERP – we provide our customers with support after installation to ensure success.

At Cre8tive, our decades of experience and dedication to cloud ERP implementation helps those in the A&D industry reduce setbacks from ever-changing supply chain variables to increase productivity, upgrade processes, and meet all ongoing compliance requirements, all while providing scalability and constant innovation.

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Navigating Fluctuations in the Aerospace & Defense Supply Chain

The A&D industry is undergoing economic, cybersecurity, geopolitical, and other rapidly evolving changes that add to the complexity of the supply chain. Utilizing ERP software can address many of the challenges that warfighters, contractors, and other industry leaders encounter every day.

With the intricacies of the Aerospace & Defense industry, users need more than a cookie-cutter system that’s installed and left with instructions and nothing else. Each implementation process needs to be continuously revamped to create an optimal solution that handles rigorous requirements and meets superior design, build, supply, demand, performance, and delivery constraints.

Supply chains issues in A&D can arise from a range of challenges, like dealing with suppliers and customers across different geographical regions, a lack of materials to make parts, shortage of transportation resources due to lack of labor, trucks, or shipping containers, adherence to ever-changing regulations, and disruptive technological advances, among others.

Let’s take a closer look at a few of these A&D supply chain issues:

Sole Source Providers
The A&D sector has a massive reliance on specialized suppliers, vendors, and third parties. A problem at just one of these suppliers can upset the entire supply chain and put a stop to production.

A&D companies are some of the most-targeted organizations by cybercriminals, especially through the supply chain. Threats to supply chains are evolving rapidly, even with advanced cybersecurity and awareness of the supply chain cyber risk.

An A&D supply chain involves thousands of entities in a complex global ecosystem. Aerospace & Defense companies must strictly adhere to compliance within their supply network, or they could face severe penalties.

Your Trusted Tool for Managing Supply Chain Issues

Supply chain risks can be mitigated by utilizing the power of a quality, end-to-end, tailored ERP system. This can help A&D companies of all sizes grow by leveraging innovative tools that synchronize each aspect of the supply chain.

Optimizing the supply chain not only helps A&D companies improve efficiency, control costs, and reduce risks, but it also allows them to deliver value to their customers. Aerospace & Defense companies can increase supply chain resilience with a quality ERP solution that creates value for all by collaborating on business processes, sharing data, and focusing on clear strategies across the chain supply system.

In addition, unexpected benefits can be garnered with a custom ERP solution; examining existing procedures and identifying missing pieces, what should be added, and what data should be collected. With the assistance of an experienced integration partner, A&D users begin to clearly see how a quality ERP system, implemented with proper guidance, can become more effective than unaligned and outdated programs.

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Built for Compliance, Backed by Professional Support

A proven ERP integration team like the one at Cre8tive keeps you protected amid supply chain changes and helps you remain compliant, year after year, no matter the current state of supply.

We help our customers:

  • Meet and exceed stringent standards set forth by government agencies so you pass AS 9100, ISO 9000/01, and DCAA audits.
  • Integrate and innovate while meeting requirements through Microsoft Azure.
  • Protect highly-sensitive data that adheres to NIST cybersecurity and FIPS standards.
  • Achieve ITAR International Traffic Arms Regulation (ITAR) compliance and pass DSS inspections.

With every need, you also have professional A&D support from experienced advisors. Stay partnered long after the launch of your ERP solution with our Managed Epicor Solution Program (MESP) and a connected point of contact through our Customer Care Program (CCP).

Manage Risk Effectively with a Certified ERP Partner

Remove the uncertainties that come with supply chain risk and support your A&D operation across all channels with a unified ERP solution. Cre8tive Technology and Design is a certified ERP integration expert and we look forward to talking with you about your goals and needs.

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