Advantages of Machine Learning: Improve Operations

Welcome to our first blog post focusing on a specific advantage of machine learning in manufacturing, a series related to our recent article on “Challenges and Advantages of Machine Learning in the Manufacturing Industry”. Below, we explore one of the most exciting advantages to machine learning: the ability to improve manufacturing operational efficiencies.

With additional insight into this key advantage of machine learning in manufacturing, we hope to empower you to embrace technology for the benefit of your business. Here are just a few of the ways in which you can improve operations with machine learning.

Automation Gained

When you think of automation, you might imagine robots completing repetitive tasks, or automatic assembly lines. Although this kind of task may not require machine learning, other automated tasks can use this type of artificial intelligence to improve as more data is gathered.

Google, for example, has been able to significantly reduce energy consumed by cooling processes in its data centers through automation driven by machine learning.

While we can't all be Google, we can leverage other technologies. As a manufacturer, you are likely to rely on many other processes that can benefit from manufacturing automation tactics to provide you with cost savings.

Process Improvements

Thanks to its ability to see patterns and estimate outcomes based on data, machine learning has much to offer in terms of process improvements.

  • Products can be inspected with greater accuracy and with speed.
  • Previously unforeseen issues and bottlenecks can be identified.
  • With improved predictions and analysis of customer demand, stock levels and waste can be reduced.
  • Production schedules can be improved.
  • The process of producing custom items can be optimized with fast-learning technology.
  • Machine learning in additive manufacturing can improve product development processes, thanks to more accurate 3D printing.

Streamlined processes result in reduced cost and waste, improved operational efficiencies and profits.

Ongoing Maintenance

Machine and equipment repairs can be costly, in terms of the impact on production as well as the cost of the repairs themselves.

Machine learning can be used to optimize your maintenance schedule, tailoring it to meet the needs of individual machines, based on how much demand is placed on them. Rather than following a schedule based on time, machine learning can provide you with a maintenance schedule based on use.

Technology that uses machine learning may also be able to identify issues that could be overlooked by their human counterpart.

Some machines may end up using more of your maintenance budget, and others less, but this process should minimize repairs, improve machine reliability and keep production running smoothly with minimal downtime. This is one application of machine learning in manufacturing that will reduce stress and costs, and improve your reliability, efficiency and ability to serve your customers.

Make the Most of Machine Learning

The first step towards taking advantage of machine learning in manufacturing involves choosing a trusted partner who can help you identify the right machine learning opportunities for your business.

CTND is a dedicated ERP software solutions partner that has vast experience working with manufacturing companies to improve operations with machine learning.

To future-proof your business and discuss solutions tailored to your unique needs, contact CTND.

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