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Scalable Fields Customization

When test results or other attributes are added on a regular basis, the ability to add a new field should be included in the customization. Scalability is always a concern when customization is needed. In the case below, Lab Results are uploaded into the Epicor 9 database, associated with a Customer ID. However, additional tests are added to the database on occasion, and new fields must be added. In order to make this scalable, field assignment was added as a feature, to keep control of added columns from requiring additional customization. This particular enhancement was done for Epicor Express, where Extended UD tables and fields are not available.

Screen examples:

Test list of lab results in epicor erp

Current Test List

User Defined Codes maintenance in epicor erp

User Code Assigned for Expandable List

Make appropriate selection from table dropdown in the user defined codes maintenance of epicor erp

Make appropriate selection from dropdown in the codes detail of epicor erp

Customized User Defined Code Maintenance – Ability to Select a Field

Dropdown list now excludes the assigned field selected in Epicor ERP

Customized User Defined Code Maintenance – After a Field is Selected it is No Longer Available

Test list in Epicor ERP

Test List Grid is Updated With the Newly Added Field