WareHouse Extension Functionality – Epicor ERP Custom Software Solution

  • 30 January 2013
  • cre8
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Standard Epicor Software adds a single Primary Warehouse when a new Part is created. When a Warehouse is created, Standard Epicor Software requires it be manually added to each part individually. If a plant has many parts and warehouses, adding all warehouses to a part or a single warehouse to all parts can have a serious productivity impact. A custom software solution was created to allow the user add multiple warehouses to a new part, or a new warehouse to multiple parts. This new process allows for grouping of warehouses to be added, by using a user code that relates to a standard value in the Part Master, Reference Category. Two user code lists are created- to include or exclude a reference category from a set of warehouses. When a new part is created, if reference category is empty, the process to add warehouses is not triggered. On update of reference category from empty to populated, any warehouse that is on the “Include” list is added to the part. Because it may be that the list to exclude is actually shorted than the list to include, a second user code, for excluded warehouses, exists as well. If the reference category does not exist on the list of Included warehouses, the excluded warehouse list will be reviewed. If the reference category is included on neither list, no action is taken. If the reference category is included on the “Include” list, all warehouses associated with that reference category will be added to the part. If the reference category exists on the “Exclude” list, all warehouses EXCEPT the warehouses associated with the reference category on the exclude list will be added to the part.

  • Note:  This does not override standard E9 functionality- it is an extension only.

Screen shot examples:





WarehouseExt_001 (1)


WarehouseExt_0021 (1)

WarehouseExt_004 (1)


WarehouseExt_005 (1)


WarehouseExt_006 (1)

WarehouseExt_007 (1)

NOTE: This Does Not Override Standard Epicor 9 Functionality – It Is An Extension












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