Using ERP to Overcome the Generational Skills Gap in Manufacturing

  • 11 July 2018
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Using ERP to Overcome the Generational Skills Gap in Manufacturing

The manufacturing skills gap is expected to result in 2 million jobs going unfilled over the next decade, according to a study from the Manufacturing Institute and Deloitte. There’s a serious shortage of young people entering the workforce who are interested in these jobs and who have the practical skills to do them.

On top of that, many senior managers and skilled workers with years of experience are retiring — Deloitte’s study estimated that 2.7 million jobs will be needed as a result of worker retirements. As experienced Baby Boomers retire and employers seek fresh workers to replace them, bridging this generational skills gap is key to survival as a manufacturing business.

Millennials now make up the largest proportion of the American workforce at an estimated 56 million large. Manufacturers have no choice but to adapt their own processes in order to work successfully with this age group; and technology is the vehicle making that happen.

Read on to learn how an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system helps you seamlessly transfer knowledge from your most experienced workers to the younger segment, and make the most of your young workers’ existing skills.

ERP Can Help Boost the Manufacturing Workforce of the Future

As thousands of Baby Boomers become eligible for retirement every day, it’s essential to store their knowledge so it can be passed to the new generations on your team. You can do this easily with an advanced ERP solution that documents company processes, collects and reports on production and customer data, and stores project information logged by workers all in one centralized system.

An ERP system allows consistent and convenient communication between teams, and helps to standardize business processes; which is essential for onboarding the upcoming generation of workers. The industry could soon rebound with a knowledgeable workforce, boosted by modern ERP systems that help them excel.

A collaborative and agile workforce — one that acknowledges the information of older generations and the inventiveness of the younger ones — will be key to succeeding in the digital age.

Software is a Selling Point

Millennials have grown up with the internet and web-connected devices as part of daily life. They are not only comfortable with digital portals; they actively want digital tools. Having highly-usable software is critical to enticing young people to join your workforce, and to keep them satisfied. In fact, workers between the ages of 18 and 35 are more likely to leave a company if they feel frustrated with the software that’s being used.

With a user-friendly ERP system, your new hires can quickly catch up with your organization’s defined workflows, key performance indicators, methods of reporting, and levels of compliance. Your young employees won’t only find it easy to adapt to this modern software — they’ll appreciate that you’ve got it in place.

Integration Improves Young Worker Satisfaction

Time-consuming business operations and reporting tasks might be necessary, but they can diminish a young staff’s enthusiasm for work at manufacturing companies.

Because ERP integrates with third-party platforms, repetitive procedures can be handled by the system rather than the individuals. This frees up your employees to work on other, more valuable tasks.

Not only that, but ERP systems create intuitive responses that are easily accessible to Millennials. Dashboards connect to warehouse management systems, customer relationship management systems, accounting, and analytics. This allows your young team members to multitask with applications in a way that’s already very familiar to them.

Modern ERP Ensures Flexibility

Manufacturers have already started to embrace the mobile-connected future; one study showed that 54% of plant supervisors now receive real-time information updates through their mobile devices. Forward-thinking solutions such as modern ERP systems allow young workers the mobility and convenience they have come to expect from their working lives.

ERP provides real-time operational data and full functionality on a variety of platforms, including smartphones and tablets. Key alerts and notifications can be sent to users by their preferred medium: email, text message, or even instant message on a private social network, such as Yammer or Slack.

Along with user-friendly technology, Millennials also have a strong desire for flexibility in their work environments. ERP systems provide the access your team needs for collaborative efforts, tele-communicating, and scheduling that isn’t bound to the usual nine-to-five. This allows you to provide highly-valued flexibility to your workforce without sacrificing quality and output.

Are you ready to take action to overcome the generational skills gap at your manufacturing business? Cre8tive Technology and Design offers advanced ERP systems and services, including customized solutions that are built to fulfil your company’s exact needs. Get in touch with us to learn more about sharpening your edge and attracting the brightest new talent in the industry.

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