Understanding ERP Deployment Choices part 4 of 4 – From an Epicor White Paper

  • 6 February 2015
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Conclusion: The Advantages of Flexible Deployment

By providing an ERP solution that is available as on-premise or cloud-based, and by enabling boundless integrations to extend to Epicor and other third-party solutions, Epicor ERP 10 helps empower organizations to leverage choice for agile response in today’s rapidly changing business environment.

What this means for today’s businesses:

  • The ability to deploy ERP on-premise, in the cloud, or in any combination
  • Greater adaptability in fluid, dynamic, and always evolving value networks
  • Faster deployment of solutions, faster upgrades of implemented solutions, staying current with technological advances
  • Enhanced support of business growth; improved ability to scale up or out to meet emerging  opportunities and minimize risk
  • Powerful yet intuitive tools for easy configuration to specific business needs

Increasingly, companies will find cloud-based ERP an excellent option. Smaller companies implementing their first ERP system will find subscription SaaS the most cost effective way to deploy a world-class ERP solution. Larger companies that are expanding operations world-wide can use cloud ERP to replicate business processes consistently around the globe.

Epicor’s Cloud ERP offerings provide the same deep and mature ERP functionality as its on-premise editions. Epicor’s technology stack, which includes a state-of-the-art services architecture coupled with extensive customization features, is the underlying framework that allows for remarkable performance and flexibility. Epicor ERP is a proven, world-ready solution that has been available both hosted and as a subscription for years. Moreover, Epicor ERP 10 provides an adaptable runtime architecture, specifically tuned to the needs of today’s cloud ERP users.

The growing momentum of cloud-based ERP is well documented. Most companies are beginning to realize that cloud-based ERP typically provides higher reliability and lower management costs than on-premise deployments, and the speed and ease of cloud-based deployments stand in stark contrast to the somewhat daunting memories of early ERP deployment. What’s more, cloud-based ERP allows organizations to better leverage their IT assets on strategic projects to drive revenue growth.

All in all, yesterday’s ERP is not today’s; flexible deployment, much of it cloud-based, will be the hallmark of ERP systems in the immediate and near future. Epicor ERP 10 is designed to provide that flexible deployment and is built to sustain that future for businesses large and small.

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